Thursday, March 4, 2010

Christmas 09

Christmas was CrAzY for us this year! As usual we tried to make it every event, and I think we have both decided that next year, we will just stay at home! We had a lot of fun, but we were in the car for about 14 hours...just too much time riding. We started our trip in Austin for Christmas Eve. We had a great time there. There was a TON of good food, we had a White Elephant gift exchange, and we went to downtown Austin to look at all the lights. Brad's little brother, Beau, and his girlfriend even came down from Florida to see everyone. The next morning, we left early to go to Channelview. We spent the whole day there. It was awesome getting to see everyone and spend the day with them. Unfortunately along the way Brad and I caught some kind of bug so by the time Christmas Night rolled around we were SICK!!! I don't know that I have ever been that sick in my whole life. We also ended up passing it on to my uncle...which he will never let me forget I am sure. :) The next week, we went to Beaumont for Christmas with my dad's family. It was fun as well! We always do a white elephant among the adults and then a gag gift exchange for everyone. Some of the results were interesting to say the least! It was a nice Christmas, and I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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