Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bluebonnet Photos 2015

We took our annual bluebonnet photos near Hempstead while on our journey back from the DFW.  We kept driving along looking for a great patch, and I was keeping my eye on the sun waiting for it to go down enough so Emmy wouldn't be in lots of full sun. 

There were lots of great spots, but most of them were in the median where I felt like it was too dangerous.  We finally came upon the perfect spot.  Lots of bluebonnets and paintbrushes on a slight hill to block the sun--PERFECT!

She wasn't crazy about sitting in the flowers, but eventually she warmed up to the idea (there may have been bribing involved).



She's definitely has diva qualities.


And she definitely has a little sass.


At one point when a certain little person was not cooperating, I turned my attentions to this guy.  I love this photo of him, but he kept trying to get me to delete it!









I was definitely showing the wear of a five hour drive, but I still love this of my little girl and me.



Glad we got to take our photos in such a pretty place.  We truly are blessed to live in such a great state with beautiful wildflowers!

Jonathan's Getting Married

We traveled to Fort Worth for the weekend for the wedding of our fellow Hart Hall resident Jonathan!

We didn't get to Fort Worth until the wee hours of the morning.  The next day, my first priority was getting this little diva down to the pool area to play for a few hours.  The Radisson had a great heated pool and hot tub area for her to play in, and BONUS there were a few other kids and moms down there at the same time.  Built-in friends!

After her two hour pool session, it was time to get ready and go to the wedding.  The ceremony was held at at beautiful church on the TCU campus.  Unfortunately, they did not allow photography of any kind in the chapel, so I don't have any shots from there. 

Below are some of my favorites from the ceremony.  I didn't really keep my camera glued to my hand, so there aren't the normal pleathora.


We lovingly joked that we had made some imaginary cut by being invited.




Emmy latched on to Elisa and followed her around all night.



He had an amazing groom's cake!







Of course these two had to work the dance floor a little!



When Dustin started singing "Don't Stop Believing," Emmy rudely covered her ears.



The next day, we met up with Dustin, Christina, and Caroline in Dallas for lunch.

Caroline is just so sweet!

After lunch, we hit the road and started our trek home.

When we got to Waco, we made the executive decision to stop by the Magnolia Farm store.  Unfortunately they weren't open so we couldn't go in, but we did take a couple of photos out front.  We love Fixer Upper!

We stopped on the way home and took photos of Emmy in the bluebonnets as well, but that's a whole other post.

Congratulations Jonathan!  We are so happy for you guys, and we can't wait to see where your story takes you!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Break '15 Recap

Spring Break was a busy week for us.  We started off on Friday by heading out to Cedar Park to visit the grandparents!


While we were there, we ate dinner at a restaurant on Lake Travis called The Oasis. Super cool, but really busy on a Saturday.

There were lots of photo-ops while were were waiting.

The food was really good too!

On Sunday, Emmy got to make Smores!

Later that week when we got back to EC, we spent an afternoon playing at Friendship Park.

Another afternoon we got a treat--a snowcone!

Playing at Nana's house was also a must for a our Spring Break "to-do" list.

Magical Mickey Mouse pancakes make us smile too!

The final day of my  break was spent with these chicks at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  We got to see Luke Bryan in concert and he didn't let us down.

Other people spent the day having fun at home.

That was our spring break in a nano-second!