Thursday, October 14, 2010

School Days

So we have been in school for almost 9 weeks now....a fourth of our schol year has passed! And it is finally cooling down outside. It makes me want to go play flag football in the park or something! Ok, maybe not really actually play flag football, but I could sit on a blanket and drink hot tea while watching someone else play football. :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

The root of my problem

I decided to look up some workout routines for specific problem areas. Not knowing where to find this information, I turned to my trusty friend Google. Into the search bar I typed "How to tone your inner thighs." This seemed like the most direct approach to find what I was looking for. The article that I found was very informative. It gave a few ideas for workouts at home, but what I found most interesting/funny was the disclaimer at the bottom. It said, "Note to all users: these exercises should be done with cardio 5-6 times a week and a reduction in caloric intake. If exercises are done alone, you will build muscle, but the layer of fat on inner thigh will remain. This could cause your legs to rub together more than before." HILARIOUS!
Sidenote: I am pretty sure that this is what I have been doing to myself and why my legs have gotten so bulky! So although it was funny, there was some truth to the article.

Sidenote 2: If you have Netflix, there are like a million workout dvds that you can view instantly. This is awesome if you are running your Netflix through the Wii or XBox360. Now you can try out a bunch of different workouts without having to commit to one instantly just because you spent 15 dollars on it!


When I woke up this morning, I made the most startling discovery. I was brushing my teeth and looking at myself in the mirror (as all truly vain people do), and what should I see but a DOUBLE CHIN! It is like it wasn't there last night, and NOW IT IS! Well it is just UNACCEPTABLE! I was already on a quest to lose some weight because I am not completely happy with my body, but this was my (pardon the pun) WAKE-UP call! I am cutting all of my portions in half and am going to move to 6-8 small meals per day. I also worked out with my sister this morning (pilates and such) and will run on the elliptical before bedtime. (Must make this the new routine) This is not a vain statement: I WILL LOSE WEIGHT. It is absolutely imperative. We are going on a cruise in late September with some of our friends. I CANNOT have a double chin on a cruise...I will cry when I look at the pictures.

I know that by putting this on here, you will help keep me accountable to my plan of attack. This is what I made for dinner tonight. Grilled chicken with Mediterranean veggies. Since Brad is on a quest to gain some weight (He really sucks!), I will have to add some cheese and leftover Mexican casserole from last night to his plate.

I will try to keep you posted on my progress, and for goodness sakes, if you see me eying a donut or other belt busting dessert, intervene before it is too late! :)

Friday, August 13, 2010


I am obsessed with headbands! I have always loved them, but since I graduated from high school, this love has returned and grown stronger. I think it makes perfect sense. I have TONS of hair. This hair is VERY unruly. A headband's purpose is to keep your hair back and out of your face. IT IS LIKE THEY WERE CREATING THEM FOR ME!!

My favorite place to get headbands is Forever21. They never fail to dazzle me with new designs and styles. Very, VERY rarely to do I leave that store without an overpriced headband in a cute yellow bag. The last time I was at the store they had this little piece of wonderful!

I ALMOST DIED. The picture does not do it justice. Unfortunately, I did not buy the headband. It was over my justifiable limit since I could not think of one place in the next year that I would be able to wear it. I will keep my on it though, and if they go on sale, BAM(!!) it's mine!

I am also keeping my eye on this awesome maroon and houndstooth headband that I found at Aggieland Outfitters. They currently want over $17, but we shall see who gets the last laugh in this little fashion battle! More later!

Monday, August 2, 2010

My New Love


For those of you who are like "hello of course you are, and where have you been all this time?" I want you to know that as usual, I am ten steps behind all that is fashionable. It takes me a long time to warm up to trends because I am always afraid I will fall for the ones that everyone looks back and laughs insanely while pointing at you when you bring up that you once liked know what I am talking about. Enter exhibit A.

My mom liked to put me in hair bows when I was younger. I think that hair bows are really cute...but there is such a think as too big. In this picture, YOU CANNOT TELL WHERE THE BOW BEGINS AND MY HAIR ENDS!!! This is an example of "too much," and I have been trying to live this mistake down since the photo appeared on our family photo wall years ago.

But back to the point. Sometimes I do not immediately go crazy about things when I first find out about them because I am waiting to see if they will catch on before I invest any time (and lets get real) MONEY into them. This all being said. I am in love with Etsy now, and I have been pouring over all of the little boutiques on the website all day. I have always been into classic looking clothes and accessories. I wore polos to school when it WASN'T a uniform. (Some people would call my version of classic boring. That would be their opinion. I reserve the right to make myself sound better because...Dun-Dun-Da-Dun...It's my blog!) My love of things classy is changing a little these days into a love of things old/vintage. I love things that I have a history and are a little different from the things that you see everywhere. I still love IKEA...I am not selling out to the world of Indie Whiners! I do not think that you are evil if you shop at Wal-Mart or Target, but I want to learn to make some things myself. I want some of the things in my home to tell a story...and I don't want EVERY story in my home to be: OMG, I was at J.C. Penney looking at the clearance section, and it was just there!! I mean it had a few scratches and dents, but for that price who could pass it up!?!

Currently, this is the story of many pieces you will find lovingly ensconced in my home. Long story short, ETSY is awesome because until I learn how to make all of these homemade things for myself, I can buy them from other people who were smart enough to learn some life skills!

Misguided Attempts at Blogging

Oh Blogspot, Oh I have abused you so! I have used you to chronicle my married life events, but have I used you to your potential or thought about what might make you happy? The answer is no. I have turned you into nothing less than a glorified Facebook page with extra long status updates and photo descriptions. But those days are over. I vow that I shall do better by you, or as God as my witness I shall stay off of facebook for a month. (This is an idle threat because there is no way that I could go without facebook for a month unless I was in jail, the hospital, or dead.)

Now for all of my avid readers (insert crickets chirping), I do not want you to think that you will know any less about my life. (You shall still get your stalkers bounty) I will still post about our little adventures and such, but I want to explore new venues with this blog. As Jasmine and Aladin would say, it's "A Whole New World."

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eclipse Premier Party!!

I am a Twilight Saga fan.

There. It has been put out into cyberspace.

In fact, I will take it one step farther and tell you that I had a PREMIER PARTY! This means that before going to the midnight premier of this movie, I invited people over to my house to gorge themself while watching the first two movies. Then after eating all of this good food, we MADE shirts to wear to the movie. Before we left in our newly made shirts, we put on CROWNS with the faces of the Twilight stars' faces on them.

I believe I have just entered into a new level of crazy-geeky-fun-fan.

You want to know something else. I had an AWESOME time, and the movie was great! Thanks to everyone who came to my party, and be on the look-out for an invitation to my Eclipse movie release party! :)

Christopher's Visit!

Our nephew came to stay with us for a week while his parents went on vacation. It was awesome getting to spend so much time with him, but I think it made us realize some of the responsibilities of being a parent. Perhaps we are not quite ready for all of that yet. Good thing we have such a sweet nephew that we can spoil rotten and take home to mommy and daddy! :) Isn't he precious?

Wendy + Jason = Married!

Yay!! Wendy and Jason finally tied the knot! After over a year and a half of being engaged, they got married on June 5, 2010. I was of course a there any surprise there?...So I had a front row view of the two exchanging their vows. It was an awesome wedding. EVERYTHING was BEAUTIFUL!!! Wendy was a gorgeous bride, and all of her hard work paid of that day. The whole wedding was like something you would see in a wedding magazine. The big surprise came during the first Wendy and Jason were dancing together to Brad Paisley something weird happened to the music. At that moment the entire bridal party ran to their rescue...we helped them dance through the music mix-ups including the macerena, soldier boy, and the twist. It was fun, and I CANNOT wait to see the video...and coincidentally, I can't wait to see the pictures that the photographer took either. Hopefully, they will be posted any day now! Congratulations Wendy & Jason!!! :)

Fallon & CJ got hitched!

Bradley's brother CJ and his fiance, Fallon, got married recently. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding in Marble Falls, TX. Brad and I had a good time, and we got to see a lot of his extended family that we don't normally get to see on a regular basis. Congratulations CJ and Fallon!!!
We are so happy for you both!

Wendy does Shreveport!

"How about that ride in? I guess that's why they call it Sin City." -Alan from The Hangover

When we set off for Shreveport, LA, we were expecting an epic night. Nothing could have prepared us for all for the craziness that ensued. I would love to pour the story out on my blog and save it for all of posterity, but fortunately for my friends, I never break a pact! :)

Enjoy the group pic!

Wendy's a Nurse!

My Wendy Lee graduated from U.T. Tyler! She is now a Registered Nurse!!! Look out world. This girl has big dreams, and she's on the loose!!!

Brad and I went to see Wendy graduate. The ceremony was on a Friday, and we wanted it to be a surprise that we were coming. We did not get to Overton until after three o'clock in the morning, and I was so wired from a strong dose of the energy drink NOS that I did not go to sleep until after five o'clock in the morning. Needless to say, we were a bit sluggish at her pinning ceremony the next morning. We made it though, and it was wonderful to get to be there for such an important time in Wendy's life.

While we were there that weekend, we also got to attend the engagement party that Jason's boss threw for them. It was a really fun party, and I learned something that evening that changed my life forever. Danni loves her some Karaoke!!! :)

I won a prize!

I entered a couple of photos in the Wharton County Youth Fair. Although I did not win any Grand Champion awards. I did get one runner-up ribbon for this picture. Yay for cute babies! My next question is what was cuter than this guy? Did the other person play the sympathy card? Did they have a picture of a puppy with a broken leg? Did they let water drops fall on their picture to mimic tear drops? Anyway, these are just a few questions that I had because I think this little guy is pretty cute!
At least I know the kind of heat those other guys will be bringing next year, and by golly I will be ready! :)

Awesomeness Returns to College Station!

We all knew that this time would come. The time when all former students must return to the homeland. Most specifically a group of my friends. We were returning to College Station. With this return we brought back something that CS had desperately been missing since our departure. Awesomeness!

All seriousness aside, (lol) I had a blast reuniting with some of my college buddies in College Station. We went to all of our favorite hang-outs. The most important stop came first: Layne's Chicken Fingers!!!!! We love this place, and I ALWAYS go anytime I am in College Station. The weekend was a blast, and it was a good opportunity to see some of my younger friends that are about to graduate (tear tear) before we all are gone and departed into the real world of jobs and hectic schedules. I must say that it really made me feel old when we went to the mall and they had TAMU class of 2014 shirts hanging in the windows of the shops!! Oh well, Kari will be part of the class of 2016, so I guess I better start getting used to the idea of feeling REALLY OLD.

Anyway, we had a really good time, and I can't wait until we plan another trip! If you want to know more about all of the awesomeness that occurred on this trip, you will just have to come next time so you can see for yourself! :)

P.S. Ask me about the street walker that tried to sell Brittany, Oscar, Brad and I perfume on Northgate...the perfumes/colognes have very colorful names! :)

Mom's 39 mile foot!

The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer!

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of 2008. Two surgeries and six weeks of radiation later, she was cancer free and has been ever since. Because of this, she decided to do the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. It is a 2 day 39 mile walk that raises money for breast cancer awareness. (This money does not specifically go to research. A lot of it is used to get mammograms and treatment for people that would otherwise be unable to get it) Anyway, my mom did the walk all on her own, and we are so proud of her! She raised over $2500 that will be put to use in the Houston area. She wants to do the walk again so please let her know if you would be interested in donating! She walked all over the Houston area during the two days and met a lot of really interesting people. Maybe I will get to do this walk next year with her.

Save the TaTas!

Brittany's Not a Teen!

Brittany turned twenty!! Let the countdown commence!! :)

P.S. You should know that she has a blogspot account as well. Check her out!

Easter Sunday

"He is not here for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay. And go quickly, and tell is disciples that he is risen from the dead; and, behold, He goeth before you into Galilee." Matthew 28: 6-7 KJV

I hope you went to church! God Bless!

Kari's Sweet (or not) Sixteen!

Kari is Sixteen. She had a big party, and had a really good time. Since this is not her blog, you will have to go find hers to get all the gory details. I will give you a hint can find her on live journal. MUHAHAHA!

New Moon DVD release Party!

When the DVD was released at midnight, we went to Wal-Mart to buy it. We were planning on watching New Moon and Twilight the next day. Little did we know that when we got to W-M, they were already having a party! They had cake, cokes, a big screen TV set up in the children's clothing section, and FREE TEAM JACOB and TEAM EDWARD thermoses. Just when you think that Wal-Mart is crappy and trying to rip you off (ask me about my lawn mower story) they do something cool and redeem a couple of the points that they have lost. Yay NEW MOON!!

P.S. We did have a DVD release party the next day. Sadly our numbers were not where they should be...we will get better!

Black Eyed Peas in HOUSTON!!

If the title of this post was not self-explanatory perhaps there is another blog out there for you. Such titles might include Reading for Dummies and Understanding the Obvious.

I was invited to attend the concert by my good friend Iesha. It was her first time to attend the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!! Side note: I LOVE THE RODEO! Not just the concert...I love to watch the barrel racers, bare-back riding, bull-riding, and last but not least MUTTON BUSTING! (If you do not know what this is, I encourage you to get on YouTube and check it will not be disappointed)

After watching the rodeo, it was time for the MAIN EVENT! As the Black Eyed Peas came out in their Escalade, we rose to our feet and joined the crowd in thunderous applause. We sang along to all the songs...and they sang all the hits. I did not enjoy the costumes that were part of their "The E.N.D." tour, but other than that I had no complaints. Fergie was WAY better in person than I could ever have hoped. I would even go so far as to say her songs were better live. She sang her songs while the other guys changed outfits and then the main singer came out and played DJ to the crowd. He kept the whole place singing as he played songs like "Small Town Girl" by Journey. The whole concert was AMAZING, and I would definitely go back if they came back to Houston.


Spring Break 2010!! WOOHOO!!
(RAH!!! And the crowd goes wild)

Thank you. That was exactly the response that I was hoping to hear from all of my avid readers (oh goodness, I can't even write that without laughing hysterically to myself). Anyway, for Spring Break Brad, the family, and I traveled down to Concan, TX. This small town is home to a couple of small stores, a lot of cabins, and what was that? Oh yeah, THE FRIO RIVER!!

While in Concan, we rented an awesome house/cabin. The place was huge and really nice. Really, really nice. It had four bedrooms and could comfortably house at least 20 people. We spent five glorious days at this place. Our first few days were warm and sunny. Those days were spend at the local national parks such as GARNER STATE PARK! We played in the river, picnicked along the shore, wend paddle boating, and hiking. (I know it is hard to believe that I enjoyed such a vacation.) Then came the drizzle and freezing temperatures. Those days were spent grilling outside, HIKING in the COLD, and shopping for souvenirs. Even though the weather did not cooperate quite the way that we had hoped, we still had a great time, and I for one cannot wait to go back! Spring Break! Oh Spring Break! Come again soon!

Wendy's El Campo Bridal Shower!

As I have talked about in previous posts, my cousin Wendy is getting married. We are as about as close as two cousins can be, and we have grown up together. Some have described us as "thick as thieves." I don't think this is a fair description since they have no proof that we have ever done anything illegal. Anyway, she and my sister threw me a BEAUTIFUL lingerie shower when I was a Bride-to-Be so now it was my turn to "shower" her with pretty things. They were taking care of her intimate apparel needs in her hometown so I decided that a regular "home necessities" shower was always a good thing. We had the shower at the home of Raeassia and Darryl Jacobs. They have an awesome new house out in the country. The epitome of everything that is beautiful and classy. It was the perfect venue for our shower. There were twelve hostesses including Rae and myself, and everything turned out wonderfully. Rae made the most beautiful cake and cupcake tower. (You can see from the pictures that it really was a master piece. And BONUS, it tasted wonderful as well. If you have any cake needs, you really need to give her a call...everything she makes is awesome.) A lot of people showed up to the party, and the bride and groom received a lot of pretty gifts. I am so happy for Wendy and Jason, and I can't wait until the wedding!

Sasha's Birthday!

My little Sasha turned one, and of course we had to have a party. I will blame the brunt of this idea on my mom, but it was fun! Sasha had three other furry guests at her party: Maggie, Puggles, and Abbie. It was cute watching all of those puppies run around mom's house! Happy Birthday Sasha Bear! :)

Visiting Brittany & Valentine's Day!

Well this year for V-Day we were due in College Station for a visit to Britt's house. We had all kinds of adventures while we were there. We went to the movies, dancing, Northgate!, shopping...and of course we ate at all of our favorite spots. We also went to the mall and took photobooth pictures! We were going to go paint something at Upaint-it, but of course all of the good boyfriends were taking their girlfriends to make something so they were full! Anyway, we had a good time! Yay Laynes!!

Bradley + 1 = 24!

Happy Birthday to Bradley!! He had the great pleasure this year of sharing his birthday with Superbowl Sunday. Lucky Bradley (can you sense the sarcasm?)! 24 seems like such an old number when you are looking at it from 24...maybe someday I will understand! :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Christmas 09

Christmas was CrAzY for us this year! As usual we tried to make it every event, and I think we have both decided that next year, we will just stay at home! We had a lot of fun, but we were in the car for about 14 hours...just too much time riding. We started our trip in Austin for Christmas Eve. We had a great time there. There was a TON of good food, we had a White Elephant gift exchange, and we went to downtown Austin to look at all the lights. Brad's little brother, Beau, and his girlfriend even came down from Florida to see everyone. The next morning, we left early to go to Channelview. We spent the whole day there. It was awesome getting to see everyone and spend the day with them. Unfortunately along the way Brad and I caught some kind of bug so by the time Christmas Night rolled around we were SICK!!! I don't know that I have ever been that sick in my whole life. We also ended up passing it on to my uncle...which he will never let me forget I am sure. :) The next week, we went to Beaumont for Christmas with my dad's family. It was fun as well! We always do a white elephant among the adults and then a gag gift exchange for everyone. Some of the results were interesting to say the least! It was a nice Christmas, and I hope you enjoy the pictures!