Monday, February 1, 2016

Lincoln- Month Nine

You are now a force to be reckoned with.   You are  20.4 lbs and 27 inches.

You are a tornado that has hit us unexpectedly, and we are all grasping for straws trying to keep up with you.  You crawl at lightning speed all over the house.  You are now able to pull up on the furniture and walk along the couches.  You dive head first into the unknown, and I don't mean this metaphorically.  You actually dove into your little red car head first the other day.  I laughed until you started to cry, which brings us to all of the head traumas.  Your daddy is threatening to make you wear a helmet if you don't stop bumping your head on everything.  We counted the other evening, and you hit your head five times before I picked you up and swore to never put you back down.  When you sit at your high chair, you will excitedly bang the back of your head against the chair as we feed you.  My poor little heart cannot take the stress that you are forcing on it.

BUT--because you knew there would be a but-- you are also the sweetest little boy the world has ever known.  You cling to me in the mornings and rub my arm; you snuggle up and watch TV with me just because you want to be held.  You also give the best little kisses and hugs a girl could ask for.  So maybe being a boy mom isn't so bad.

Other than being super mobile, you are also trying all kinds of new foods.  You have tried almost all of the different Gerber puffs and yogurt bites, and you LOVE THEM ALL.  I'm pretty sure you would eat the whole bag if I let you, which I almost do at church to keep you quiet.





You traveled to GiGi's house for New Year's, but other than that, we didn't do a lot of traveling in January.  We had lots of engagements and "stuff" to do at home, so we stayed close.  It was a nice month.


You Eat: any vegetables and fruits that you want (other than strawberry), chicken baby food (usually in a mix), puffs and other Gerber treats, cream puffs (just one at your dedication party),

You Like: being held unless you want to play (and vice versa), sleeping in your bed (HALLELUJAH!), playing with your toys, the daycare ladies, your sister, going outside, your blue car, your cube toy, EATING, and seeing people that you know.

You Dislike: being alone in the dark, being hungry, running out of snacks, sitting in your car seat for one second after we have walked into the house, lying down to take a nap (but you love sleep once you are out for the count), having to sit still to get dressed or get a diaper change, being told no, and watching us eat regular food and not being able to have it too.

You Say: mama, dada, buh, bye, and rah.






Here you are by week: