Saturday, December 31, 2011


IMG_5087 This year was a special Christmas for us since it was Emmy's first Christmas. We spent the Sunday before Christmas with Susan and Robert. They came down to see Emmy and to bring her some presents.


We spent Christmas Eve in Channelview with the Nelson Clan. Bradley had to work, so Emmy and I rode with Mom and Dad. We had so much fun this year. There were so many babies, and we set up a little photo place in front of the tree.

 Christmas day, we were in EC. My grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins came down from East Texas to spend the day with us. We always have such a good time every time we get together. Bradley had to work Christmas day as well, so as soon as he got home at 8:00, we opened presents with Emmy. We wanted him to be able to see her open presents and still get to sleep. Emmy enjoyed opening presents, and she got better at each sitting. The only problem was that she was more interested in the paper and usually left the gift behind!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

6 Months

This past month was a busy month of firsts for you! You tried green beans and LOVED them! As we were feeding you, you kept trying to grab the spoon out of our hands so that you could do it yourself. It made me seriously wonder if someone had already been feeding you solids...hmmm. You also tried green peas...those were not your favorite. I think I will blame the consistency of the peas. You kept rolling them forward and backward with your tongue as if you were trying to figure out whether or not you should spit them out or swallow them.

You also started crawling! You are now everywhere and we cannot contain you to any given area. This poses a problem at our house since we have all tile floors downstairs. We are currently in search of a good rug so that you can play at will.

You said your first word this month as well: DaDa. The way you said it is really a story all in its own. We were sitting at Nana's house and I told you that you could not do something (far be it for me to correct the perfect little miss Emmarie), and you started crying and said "dadadada." It was as if you were threatening to tell on me when your Daddy got home. I promptly called him and filled him in and he laughed and said I shouldn't have been so mean to you. (I THINK/HOPE that he was joking...) We are going to have to stick together when it comes to keeping you in line. You are so cute and can be so sweet that I am afraid it would be all too easy to give in to your angelic smiles.

You are also sitting up on your own. The sitting up and the crawling came about really quickly. One day you were pushing up on your hands and knees

At six months, you love: sleep!, Sometimes you can sleep until 11:00 a.m. if I let you, Playing with your toys, hanging out in your exersaucer, eating, saying DaDa, playing with your toes, MRS. RITA, throwing fits (you may have my temper), and crawling everywhere. You scoot, roll, bear crawl, or do whatever is necessary to get to what you want.

You eat: Milk, Green Beans, and Peas.

You dislike: the car seat (no big surprise there), the dark, being put down, being told "no," hunger in any shape or form, and not getting your way.

This month was a month of big changes for you, and it makes me very nervous/sad/excited about what we can expect this month!