Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween and a Bit of Pixie Dust

This year for Halloween, Emmy decided that she wanted to be Tinkerbell.  With a little bit of digging on Ebay and our craft box, we came up with this costume.  We picked up the pixie wings at Dollar Tree for a buck and we were done. 

I was We were pretty pleased with the results.  Here are a few photos of our little Tinkerbell.


I love how sassy she looks here.  This is her normal persona.



I took an old pair of her flats and painted them green.  A couple of cotton balls hot glued on top and viola!  Tinkerbell shoes!

The had a Halloween party at school this year and because of doctor's appointment, I got to attend.  It was so sweet!



That night at the football game, groups of students set up stands so that kids could trick-or-treat at the game.  I was so proud of our students for giving up some of their night to provide a safe place for children to pick up some candy.





She came home with lots of candy (that she didn't get to eat), but more importantly, she had a magical time!

Baby Barnes (Numero Dos)

Well it is official!  We are having a baby in early May!  I finally got in to see my doctor on Halloween, and she confirmed that we are expecting.  We are so excited, and since we are 13 weeks along, I get to tell my friends soon!

Here is a photo of one of the ultrasounds.  I had to jazz it up a bit on my phone before I sent it to some friends.


I was so excited to see Dr. Burroughs again.  I haven't been a good girl, so I haven't been back to see her since my last post-partum check-up.


After my doctor's appointment, Bradley took me to Olive Garden to celebrate/eat lunch.  It was magnificent!  After lunch, we had to head back to El Campo fairly quickly to get ready for the Halloween booth at the game, so there wasn't much time for shopping.


I just don't know how I will contain myself for the next seven weeks until I can find out what our sweet baby is going to be.   Emmy just knows it will be a sister, and I feel very similar to the way that I did the last time, so only time (or an ultrasound) will tell for sure.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Pumpkin Patch 2014

We visited the local pumpkin patch again!  This year, Emmy was a little more cooperative for the most part.  Since the patch is so busy, we had to get there really early which she wasn't crazy about.


She still looks a little sleepy here.


She perked right up to take a photo with Nana though.


I like the tall one in this collage.  I think it might have been the first real smile I got all morning.



She really liked all of the cut-outs this year.


Maybe she is a little more like her Nana than I would like to admit.  She hopped right on the saddle and cheesed it up by the Texas star. 
Thanks Theta Delta for putting on such an amazing community event!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Got a Secret, Can You Keep It?

After a bit of hemming and hawing (is that how you spell that?), I finally took a test.  It's not that we weren't sure to begin with, but up until the moment that I saw what's below, I had plausible deny-ability.  Since I am back dating this post, everyone already actually knows, but it only seemed right for record keeping to put the post around the actual time that we found out.


I love this series of photos.  We were being so silly, and I think our actual excitement over the new baby shows through.


Stay tuned for more fun times as we get closer to meeting our new little peanut.