Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

We headed over to the Gerdes' house for Memorial Day this year.  The air was warm and crisp, and the hot dogs were too!


Emmy was most excited about getting in the water.


We got to share the day with family and friends.  Some old and some new.


The kids were ready to jump into summer.


A certain little boy was ready to celebrate his first official holiday.



It was a wonderful day full of fun, food, and family--our basic gathering composition.  We had a good time, but at the end of the day, we made sure that we took some time to reflect on what the day is really about and remember all of the courageous men and women who fought so valiantly for our freedom.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Emmy's Program

Emmy's daycare held an end of the year program for the three and four year old classes.  I knew it was going to be cute when we got the note from home telling us what kind of costume they would need, but I really wasn't prepared for the level of cuteness that ensued.  I will forever be grateful to the place that has been Emmy's home away from home and all of the wonderful ladies that have taken care of her there.

Ms. Peggy was Emmy's teacher this year, and she may have let Emmy get away with more than we would have.  Emmy loved her!


The girls and boys from her class were in separate "dressing rooms" before the show.


They started off with several pledges.  I can't explain the beautiful pride that crept into my heart when my baby girl stood up there and said the pledge.


Their first outfits were them as little farmer girls.  They sang a couple of cute songs, and Emmy was in her element.



She had a whole row of adoring fans cheering her on.

After they changed clothes, it was time to get their PK3 diplomas.  She was so proud to walk across that stage. I don't even want to think about the stage she will cross before I know it. :(


After one last song all together, they met up with a partner and were announced.



We stood around for a few minutes taking photos with friends and family before we headed over to Mom and Dad's house.



We are so proud of you Emmy, and know that we will always be there to cheer you on!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother's day this year was a very laid back and enjoyable affair.  Since I was only a little a week out from having Lincoln, we wanted to stay in away from the germy crowds.  The cherry on the top of the day was the fact that my Grannie was still here, so we got to share the day with her.

My dad agreed to bar-b-que, so our main course was taken care of.  Between the rest of us, we managed to come up with the sides, and it was AMAZING.

Bradley and I didn't go to church that morning, but that didn't stop Grannie form attending with Mom.


We drove over before they got out of church to turn the oven on and get the beans going.  Mom had set the table so prettily.


It wasn't long before we were all together and filling our stomach's with all this goodness.


After we were done eating, we headed outside to snap a ton of few pictures.


Four generations of awesomeness in one simple photo.


Emmy was being a little toot during this portion of our day, and she did not want to step out of the limelight long enough for me to get a photo of mom and Grannie.  I simply stepped closer and zoomed in over her head for the next shot.



Don't mind the tired eyes and crazy hair in this one.  The sun flair wasn't doing me any favors.  I had to include this new photo of my newest and smallest angel though.  Posting a photo where you know you don't look good for the sake of someone else--the definition of true love.


I had to have my little diva in there with us too.  If you could see all the outtakes that it took to get us here for this one.


Next everyone wanted their photo with Lincoln, and he was sweet enough to oblige.






Happy Mother's Day to all my readers out there (By all I mean two.  By two I mean Mom and Britt)!  I can't wait to face all of the new challenges and triumphs that being a Mommy to two littles will bring.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lincoln's Hospital Stay {Day 3}

We didn't know when we were getting discharged, so when Dr. Burrough's stopped by unexpectedly on Sunday morning and said we could go home today if we wanted to, we were really excited.
  Our little guy was doing great, and as wonderful as all of our health care professionals were, we were ready to take him home.

They said we wouldn't be released until early afternoon, so we just hung out and enjoyed our last few hours in the hospital.







The time seemed to slow without our entourage of family.




Time did pass though, and before we knew it, we were heading out the door to face the world on our own with these guys.



It happened with Emmy too--that little rush of emotions when they were discharging us bubbled up to the surface.  My eyes filled with tears, my chest tightened, and I couldn't speak.  This was it.  We were really leaving and going home.  This wasn't all fun photo-ops and dress up; this was another real life baby that I was going to be responsible for the next 50 years (maybe not that long, but who knows!).  I really wasn't scared this time though.  I was happy to be going home, and I knew that we could do it...those emotions were still present all the same though.




So on the drive back home, I sat in the back while both of my babies napped in the backseat, and I thanked God for the little blessings that he gave me.  I pray that he will also give me the strength and wisdom that I need to raise them.

Before we drove up to the house, we stopped by Hoffer's so we could take Lincoln's photo with his sign.  Mr. Hoffer is so nice to put up signs like this for his customers.  It's a great place to get your oil changed, and I am so happy we have a place like this by our house.



We were greeted by our wonderful welcoming committee when we got home.


Those first three days, were amazing, but I know for sure that the best is yet to come.

Welcome home Lincoln Bradley!

Lincoln's Hospital Stay {Day 2}

Lincoln's second day started off at a much slower pace.  We were alone at the hospital (Brad, Linc, and I) until early afternoon.  The photographer came in and did his hospital newborn photos, they did his hearing test, and he was whisked away for his circumcision.  Although we enjoyed the extra bonding time, we were ready for everyone to get there to visit.


Before you knew it, I heard the sweet footfalls of my baby girl coming down the hall. She was excited to hold her brother before she left to go to Trey's birthday party.



Some people just loved on this little guy.



Iesha popped in for a quick visit, and we were so excited to get to visit with her!


We took a quickish nap while everyone went to eat, and then we more special visitors.





Big sister got back from the party, and she was ready to hold her baby again.  Everyone else was just out of luck!







It was a very busy day, and by the time everyone left at 9:55, we were pooped.  We wouldn't trade those times for anything though!