Saturday, October 6, 2012

16 Months


This has been a good month for Ms. Emmy.  She has gotten to see a lot of her family and friends and attend special events.  One of those events was the wedding of my friend Marissa.  Emmy had such a good time at this wedding.  Her night started off rough and she had a few screaming incidents brought on by a Coke Zero, but once her stomach settled, she was in fine form.  She got the dance started.  Literally.  She was the first person to get on the dance floor and shake her groove thing.  Kaylon, a Hart boy, went out and danced with her.  Then once the reception really started, she hooked up with Beau a friend from college's little boy. They were so cute.  She held his hand and they danced around the dance floor to several dances.  When we tried to pick them up and take them back to sit down, they would NOT have it.  They insisted that they be allowed to dance.  Far be it for me to get in the way of anyone's blue-suede-shoes so we let them do their thing. By the end of the night she was KNOCKED OUT.  We took her back to the hotel, and she passed out so hard she didn't wake up until we were checking out the next morning.



We also had a birthday weekend for my dad this month.  Emmy had a lot of fun at all the parties that weekend because there was always some impressionable schmuck sap person to give her a little bit of cake or ice cream. It was also nice for her because their were new people around to shower her with attention.  At Red Lobster, the waitress kept going on and on about how pretty she was, and Emmy would just look at her and preen.  Such a little stinker!  :)


Emmy also got to go to a retirement party for my Uncle Steve.  He retired at 55 from Shell Oil where had worked his butt off for more than 30 years.  Emmy was on her "A Game" at this party.  She schmoozed the crowd and walked around socializing with everyone.  She got to see Halle and Oliver which is always special. Halle was so sweet and kept trying to share her Minnie Mouse doll with Emmy.  Of course Emmy took it and then did not want to give it back. Ever.

One funny thing happend at the party and one scary thing happend. The funny thing happened with Grannie Nelson.  I was helping Aunt Kathy pass out cake, and I took Grannie a piece.  When I handed it to her, I told her that I DID NOT want Emmarie to have any cake.  She had already ruined an outfit the week before by geting that fake whipped icing on her clothes (it immediately stained it).  I reinterated my point and then amde Grannie aggree to not give her any.  She agreed.  I went by their table a few minutes later and you can imagine my surprise when I saw Emmarie taking a big bite of CAKE!  I asked what was giong on,a dn reminded Grannie that we had just discussed this.  She said "but I'am not giving her the icing only the cake!"  I told her that I didn't want her to have either since they had already pumped her full of tea and other junk.  Granny just looked at me and said "Come on baby.  I am gonna have to take you somewhere where there aren't so many rules!"

The scary thing that happened was caused by Emmy's sneakiness.  There are several versions of this story depending on who you ask, but I will share my side.  I was taking pictures of the party since April was sick at home unable to attend.  I gave Emmy to Mom and Britt to watch.  She was making her way through the people so I am not sure who she was with last.  All I do know is that all of a sudden my cousin Steve brings her over to me and says that she was out in the main resturant by the soda fountain.  This was like thirty feet from our private room.  that had the door locked.  and many adults blocking the door.  She somehow managed to escape the room without any of us being the wiser.  I was so scared/mad when I found out.  I was scared because this resturant is located right off of I45 so if she had managed to get out in the parking lot so many bad things could have happened or someone in the resturant could have just picked her up and walked out.  I think that I could feel my hair folicles lightening to a dull gray as he told me about it.

Based on her current behavior, I may have to rethink all of my preconceived notions about baby leashes.  :(



She is eating: chicken nuggets, Strawberry granola bars,  milk (but only at daycare), pizza, some veggies, bananas, yogurt, whatever they have on the schedule at daycare, EGGS, cinnamon toast crunch, mashed potatoes, Gerber fruit and veggie pouches, cake, and just about anything that we don't want her to have.  She really likes to drink water, but they give her juice and milk at daycare.  She enjoys those as well.  Grannie gave her tea recently, and she downed that as quick as she could get it up the straw.

She likes:  dancing around and bobbing with the beat, picking up people's shirts to stick her finger in their belly button, playing with her baby dolls (patting their backs, covering them with dish clothes, arranging them on the floor), playing on the floor, being right by Mommy, riding the four wheeler, shrieking & whining if she doesn't get her way, giving kisses and hugs, pinching noses, CLIMBING, playing with dishes & cups, playing with my little tikes kitchen, singing, and in general getting her way.

She dislikes: Not being the center of attention, waking up in the morning, being told NO, eating cooked vegetables that aren't super soft, being left in a room alone, having a toy taken away, being forced to share (it has to be her idea), not being let and waking up in her bed alone.

She says: Mama, Dada, Nana, B, Rah (Kari), Pa, Ball, No, Ba, "hurry up", Bye-Bye, Wah Wah (water), baby, hug, dog, and other syllable sounds.