Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Ray Wedding

It was with the happiest of hearts that we traveled to Stafford, TX to celebrate the wedding of one of my greatest friends.  I have known Cookie since I was a baby, and she has always treated me like family.  I spent the night at her house with the big girls, she was my chaperon on church trips, and she let me go places with the older kids when that was all I really wanted.

When I found out that she was getting married ( and she asked me to take her bridals) I was so excited.  If anyone deserves a happily ever after and a dream wedding, it is Iesha.

Because I decided to adhere to their wishes, I didn't take any photos during the ceremony.  Here are some snaps from during the reception though.  Every thing was beautiful and we had a great evening.


Because the wedding was held at a historical home, we left Emmy at home.  I didn't want to pay for any broken heirlooms.


We snapped a couple of pics of these two cuties outside by the vintage car.  This was the venue owner's grandmother's car.  So cool!


I sure do love this lady!


To make the night even more memorable, Iesha sang(!) to Keith.  Her rendition of  "At Last" will always hold a special place in my heart because she sang it at my wedding too.  There weren't many dry eyes in the place after the song was over.


And like all good things, the night passed by in a blur of excitement and fun.  Dances were danced, drinks were partaken in, and memories were made.

Congratulations Iesha and Keith Ray!  Thank you for allowing us to share in the merry!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Pumpkin Patch 2015

Emmy's favorite fall book is Duck and Goose find a Pumpkin.  It has been a household staple since she was a few months old.  Because of that book I take her to the pumpkin patch every year in El Campo, so she can find a pumpkin too...and take a bunch of photos.

When we got to the patch this year, we found our pals Jackson and Wyatt.  These four are going to be so close.


They were ready to leave, so we stayed on course and kept going alone.  We knew we only had a limited amount of time before we needed to leave for Dylan's party.



They sky was a little overcast, so it really was one of the nicer times we have had at the patch.  Juggling two little people was different, but we managed our expectations and our time.  Things that would have made me cry when Emmy was a baby (and I still believed in perfection) were laughed off that day.


It always nice when you have good help though.



Lincoln thought the pumpkins were orange balls of awesome that should be licked and tasted.


I've got a pretty good group don't I?



I got a few more smiles from him than I did from Emmy that first year.


Daddy took her over to the moon bounce and pumpkin painting area while I worked with Lincoln.  That's teamwork right there!



It was probably the most fun we have had at the pumpkin patch, and we made it in and out of there in just a little over an hour.  We need to do more things with that laid back carefree attitude!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lincoln- Month Five

You weigh 15.4 pounds and 25 inches tall (long).  You wear size two diapers and you still wear size 3-6 clothes.  You are still just the happiest baby and a joy to have around.

You can roll over both ways, so we cannot just leave you lying on the bed anymore.  Now let us all bow our heads and say a prayer for your Mommy's sanity now that you are becoming more mobile.

Okay.  And moving on.

You shriek and squeal with laughter when tickled, and you especially like when your Daddy acts like he is going to eat your stomach.  You laugh so hard that you almost cry.  You realize when you have been left alone now, and you aren't too crazy about it.  The double edged sword is that you respond positively to just my presence.  So while I can just walk into the room and you feel better, I have to walk into the room.  You are going through a small "mommy" phase, and sometimes other people just don't do it for you.  The exception to this is the ladies from school.  You practically jump out of my arms every morning to get to them.

You can sit up (with protection around you) for a few moments now.  We like to sit you up in the middle of the bed or on the rug in the living room with pillows all around you.  You will sit there for a few seconds and then your whole body will just plop over to the side.  It's incredibly cute when I know that you are safe.  You have the biggest smile.  I just can't emphasize that one enough.  It melts my heart every time.  This could be very dangerous in a few years.

You went to Andrew's ring day (College Station), to meet Elizabeth Kathleen (Pearland), the Downtown Houston Aquarium, and Cookie's bridal shower among other various events.

You like: chewing on your fingers, eating anything we will put on a spoon and head your way, playing with the lion and giraffe on your car seat, playing and getting tickled, your pacifier is still the biggest asset we have with you (you love it),  playing on the floor, your jungle gym mat, looking at the TV and listening to music, hugging everyone, kisses, and snuggling.

You dislike: Being left alone, Mommy walking out of the room, being "forced" to be somewhere (like strapped into a seat or swing You just want to move at will), the dark, your pacifier coming out in the car and not being able to reach it, and not being fed quickly enough.

You eat: green beans, milk, and water.

Monthly and weekly photos are below.

This one showcases that killer smile I was talking about earlier.



Those eyes.  I can't even.



He seemed to grow up so much this month.




You can see his little "tripod sitting" showcased here.