Saturday, August 6, 2011

2 Months

At two months you are:
  • Finally up to birthweight!!  It took you until July 11th to get there, but you are finally off the hook as far as weekly weight checks are concerned.  
  • Spending a lot of time at hotels.  Your daddy's new job at Haliburton required him to go to Fresno (near Pearland) to do all of his training there.  They have been housing him at a hotel, and we have been going to see him and keep him company at night.  It is a little different being there since I don't take all of your regular stuff (your swing and bouncer), but you have adjusted well.  We only go for several days each week.
  • Smiling.  It might now always be on purpose, but you are smiling a lot more now.  One night I had to stay up super late (like until 4:00AM) working on a presentation for a funeral, and you woke up.  I complimented you, and you just smiled and bobbed your head like you were so happy I said that to you.
  • A little fish.  You went swimming for the 1st time this month, and you loved the water.  You get so excited and try to move around.  It was still a little cold since we went in the evening so you didn't stay in the water too long.  You also got a little bit scared when someone got water by your mouth.  Since then, you have had only positive experiences in the water!
  • Scaring me to death!  I had to take you to the doctor because of some blood that I found in your diaper.  I was freaking out when I found it in the middle of the night, and it happened two more times before I could get you to the doctor.  You had a little bacteria, and they told me to just give you pedialyte until the antibiotics had time to kick in.  He was also concerned that it could be attributed to a milk allergy, so he told me not to give you formula anymore for a while.
  • looking just like your Daddy.  I call you Daddy's mini-me.  You both stretch the same way when you wake up, you sleep with your mouth partially open, and you love to nap.  Everyone says that you are his girl.  Papa says that, "He stamped you good."
  • Sitting in your Bumbo.  We tried it the other day, and you held your head up really well.  After 8 minutes or so, you start to sag to the side, but you are really building those neck and back muscles.
Stats at your 2 Month check-up:
Weight: 9 pounds, 10 ounces
Height: 21 3/8 inches

You love: Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Beanie, Papa, Kari,  the swing, the water (for swimming not bathing), your bouncer,  using the TV as background noise, listening to your lullaby CD, sitting in your bumbo, being held and cuddled, and having people "talk" to you and sing.

You don't care for: the dark, loud sudden noises, being forced to go to sleep at night, laying in your pack-n-play (it's too hard for your superior standards), being hot,  letting Mommy nap or get house work done (but I don't really mind), formula/bottles (we had to give you a few bottles per doctor's orders), or being put down if you want to cuddle.