Sunday, May 1, 2016

Lincoln- Month Twelve

Hey Shorty, it's your birthday!  We made it a whole year Linc(k)y boy!  I was so nervous to have a boy, but all things considered, you have been way easier than your sister.  I am starting to see a little bit of sass (or whatever the name for it is in boy speak) coming out in you, but you are still Mommy's sweet little boy.  



You are all boy though.  No one is going to stop you from running, jumping, climbing, or plowing into whatever you have your heart set on.  You are a force to be reckoned with, and I think that stubbornness may just come from me.  We get into battles of will, and it takes you A LONG TIME to back down.  Your dad and Nana keep telling me just to do things differently so that we don't have these stand-offs, but I don't want you to think that everyone is going to accommodate you your whole life, so this is a lesson that is best learned now: sometimes you have to do things other people's way--just because they said to do it.  It may be your Mommy.  It may be a teacher.  It may be your boss.  It doesn't really matter who the person is.  What matters is that you learn to take orders so that someday you can give orders.

You are curious about everything that we do, and you have a mechanical mind.  You already are figuring stuff out by watching us do things once.  I know that the cabinet locks at our house are going to have to be changed soon, you almost have it figured out.  I am just hoping that when you do figure it out, it's the pans not the dishes that hit the floor.  

You are very adventurous.  When we go somewhere new, you want to check everything out and look at/touch everything.  You were especially curious about all of the different wine racks and bottles at the house we stayed in for Amanda and Cory's wedding.  I finally had to move everything out of your reach because you were bound and determined that you could be in charge of moving everything and finding a new spot.

You weigh 24 pounds and one ounce and are 29.5 inches longs.  You are growing like a weed, and the doctor said that we can keep doing whatever we are doing.  You have the chunkiest thighs, but you get them honestly so I can't complain.  

You traveled to: You had a pretty busy month.  We were gone more than we were at home, but it was super fun nonetheless.  We went to East Texas for Landry's first birthday party. You went to Melinda's wedding.  You went to Kyle, TX for Cory and Amanda's wedding (notice that you were out there for the garter toss).  In between there, we kept the roads hot at home running around for various parties and practices.  It was CRAZY, but you road it out like a champ!




You Eat: Everything an anything.  As soon as your birthday rolled around, we gave you cake, eggs, and anything else you wanted.  How could we deny you?  You are the best eater ever, and you deserve to try what you've been missing out on.  The best part is that even though you have had sugar and salt, you still eat baby food and other stuff if we feed it to's like you are magical!

You Like: playing outside, going for walks in the stroller,  drinking things from a straw, eating anything we give you, snuggling with Mommy (unless you'd rather be running), comfort nursing, walking all over the house and getting into stuff, playing with your toys (or Emmy's toys), getting into the cabinets at Nana's house (the plastic cup drawer is your specialty), climbing on anything that isn't gated (and climbing on the gate), general mischief, SWEETS, going to the park and getting to play on the AstroTurf, playing hide and seek, and all your new toys (dump truck and slide are your favorites).

You Dislike: the word No, being kept up past your bedtime, being alone in the dark while you are awake, being hungry, being told no, having to be patient, lying down to take a nap (but you love sleep once you are out for the count), getting your diaper changed (you want to grab, roll, and move everything that you have going on),  having your speed impeded,  and not getting to grab anything you see and put it in your  mouth.

You Say: mama, dada, buh, bye, ba, rah, nah, no, nana, pa (papa), b, and we are starting to hear you mimic more things that we say.  Your daddy swears up and down that you said puppy the other day, and I said something about Mrs. Rita and you said something that sounded just like Rita right afterward.

 Teeth: 3 (bottom middle three).  The top left is super swollen and about to come through though.

12 Months Old!! :)





Here you are week by week:






So happy that God blessed us with such a fun and sweet little boy!  I can't wait to see the world through your eyes!