Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Is Here!

Last weekend, we went to College Station, TX to visit Kari for her birthday.  On the way to College Station, we passed blue seas of Bluebonnets.  Of course I had been warned alerted that they were blooming, so I brought the camera.  This whole process turned out MUCH better than Bluebonnet pictures did last year.  Emmy wanted to touch the flowers and look at the colors.  No real tears were shed, so I think it was a success!

My favorite!


She wanted to hold the flowers.


She finally wanted to smile!


She really cheesed for Daddy!


All those smiles were so bright that she needed shades.


Emmy and daddy!


Emmy and Mommy!




Wednesday, March 6, 2013

21 Months


This month was full of fun celebrations for us. We started off with Bradley's Birthday. Since it was on a weekday, we stayed in town for dinner. I will give you one guess of where he wanted to eat. You got it. Golden Phoenix. We had fun, and he enjoyed the food. I guess that is all that matters.



The next celebration was Valentine's Day. Emmy CLEANED up! She brought home so many sweets and treats that I don't think she could ever eat them all.  We made these cute bags for all of her friends. I got the idea from a post I saw on Pinterest, and then we made it our own.  She has two girls and six boys in her class, so we decided that "when in Rome" we would do as the boys do.


We went to a restaurant in Ganado for dinner with family. Both the food and the company were excellent. We got a lot of laughs from the very modern and trendy decor in the back room they seated us in.  I really want to post a picture, but I would be so embarrassed if they saw this's that mean.

The next day, Emmy and I went to Mrs. Wagner's house after school. Emmy had so much fun running around "talking" to Buttons and Rio. Mary Beth couldn't stop laughing when Emmy said, "No, No Rio!" When he jumped up on the window outside. Faith graciously allowed Emmy to play with some of her American Girl Dolls, and Emmy was enthralled. I foresee many trips to Houston when she is old enough to start wanting to get into those kinds of collections.



The next week was Nana's birthday! We took her to a restaurant in Sugarland called Floyd's. It was a Cajun Seafood/Texas Steakhouse. We had a big group, and we were having so much fun. The food was absolutely delicious. Because of poor planning on their part, they ran out of baked potatoes before I could get mine. Everyone already had their food when they learned of this little "problem." I nicely ordered another side that never showed up. When our waiter came back, I asked him to cancel my side and bring me a piece of cheesecake instead. He apologized and did it with a smile. And just like that, they were back in my good graces. :)



After dinner, we went shopping so Nana could get some new clothes. Bradley and Emmy made their own fun at Kohl's.

 Emmy had her first Sunday afternoon play date that Sunday. After church, we invited Layla to come over and play. The girls played together so well. They got out every doll that Emmy currently owns. They watched a Tinkerbell Fairy movie. They ate a snack. Before we knew it, it was time to go to play practice, and our play date was over.



We also got to visited by a lot of family and friends.


We go to visit with Jackson.

We got to see Shalaine and Kevin.


 We went to Life Church in Houston to see April, Oliver, Mike, Steve and Kathy.


And we hung out with family in town visiting.

I am really trying to enjoy all of the sweet moments that she has been having lately.  It had dawned on me that she really is growing up quickly, and I do not know how much longer she is going to want me to hold her or pick her up.  I keep telling myself to just enjoy it now!

Even little divas need sleep.


Playing with the dish towels at Nana's house.

Sending pictures to Rah Rah so she knows that we miss her.

When I was taking the pictures that are at the bottom of the post, she did not want to cooperate with picture time. Surprise. Surprise.  She told me with attitude, "I want candy."  Since I really wanted to get the picture, I decided that I would give in.  I went and got a packet of Smarties from the kitchen.  I gave her one piece and asked her to smile.  She said no and pointed toward the rest of the candy.  I told her that she couldn't have anymore candy until she smiled for the picture.  Without missing a beat, she said, "No, No Mommy!  Not nice!" and burst into tears.  Life is definitely never boring with Emmy!

She likes: Going on walks in the stroller, playing with her baby dolls, , her "Mon Mon" (sock monkey), her new Duck and Goose books (Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin is still her favorite though), riding in her car, all the puppies, drinking out of "big people cups", giving hugs and kisses, having her way, showing off her belly button, dancing, playing with her baby dolls, being outside, bath time, Shoes (anyone’s will do), parroting our every move and word, "singing", CLIMBING ON EVERYTHING (still), twirling around in circles (as fast as she possibly can), talking on Facetime with Rah Rah, and visiting at Nana's house.
 She dislikes: Being told no, having to share her string cheese, not getting to eat more than one applesauce, waking up in the morning for school (she would still stay asleep through our whole morning routine if I let her), getting into her car seat, having to throw away her breakfast bar if she doesn’t finish before we get to daycare, sitting in the cart at the store buckled in, and having to help clean up/put away toys (she thinks they should stay out all the time).

She eats: Just about anything, but she does have favorites: chicken nuggets, PIZZA (her current favorite), apple breakfast bars, ice cream, Smarties (from Wanda at church), pizza bites, CHICKEN, animal crackers, fruit grain bars, eggs, STRING CHEESE, apple slices, and APPLE SAUCE. She would eat pizza and chicken nuggets at every meal if I let her.

She Says: Daddy, Mama, WahWah (water), Papa, Nana, Rah, Bea, GiGi, Puff, Ball, Dog, Baby, Hug, Kiss, Bite, Yeah, No, Mine, More, Hi, Bye, Night, Nose, Eyes, MonMon (monkey), Juice, Milk, Book, Shoes, Up, Hey, Duck, Nice. She can pretty much repeat anything we say now, and I am not sure whether that is a good thing or not (LOL). She is getting better about saying please (peas) and sometimes thank you (tank you), but I still remind her.  She can identify body parts.  She can count pretty reliably up to about five but sometimes she surprises us and counts to eight.  She still skips the beginning numbers if we prompt her to start counting.  We say, one, two, and she starts with three. One of her favorite phrases is still, “No No.” So everything is “No No Sasha” or “No No Daddy.”
Teeth: 13 teeth!  All of a sudden she wants to smile with her mouth open, so I am finally getting to see some of those pearly whites in pictures! :)