Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lincoln's First Bites!

It was finally time for our big boy to try real food, and we were all really excited.  We had the video camera, big camera, and phones out ready to document this momentous occasion with our whole hearts (and technology).  Since I had been in charge of all nutrition up to this point, I let Bradley give him his first solid food--green beans.  I'm not going to lie.  The reaction was a little anticlimactic.   He started eating those green beans like they were going out of style.  Not once did he pause or slow down because of the texture.  He was READY to eat.

Bradley even joked that maybe he had already been eating at school when Lincoln STOLE THE SPOON and tried to FEED HIMSELF!  I joked that he must get it from me because the good Lord knows that I don't have any problem getting a fork to my mouth either. ;)







It was finally my turn to give a try too, and little boy didn't disappoint.  We had to shovel it in pretty quick to keep on his good side.




We even let sissy try.  Unfortunately by the time her turn rolled around, he was pretty full and starting to fall asleep in his chair.



One small bite of green beans but a giant leap for Lincoln.  My little boy is growing up too fast!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Andrew and Kari Get Rings

Kari's beau Andrew was getting his Aggie ring.  Being the nice guy that he is, he invited us to come to College Station for the celebration.  Since we love CS and think Andrew is pretty great too, we accepted the invitation.

Ring day has changed a little since "my day" and they now hand out all of the rings in the foyer area of the Association.  It is beautiful in there and super bright for pictures.

I love this sweet shot of Andrew and his mom.  I hope that I get to give Lincoln his little piece of Aggie gold one day too.


Now they both have a little bling to show off when they Gig'em.


We didn't know until we were already on our way that Andrew changed his mind about when he was going to propose and HE DECIDED TO DO IT THAT DAY!  I guess that ring was burning a hole in his pocket.  I think Kari suspected but really wasn't sure that it would happen that day.  It was very sweet.


So two pieces of gold were given that fateful day in September.


Lincoln thought all of the happy hugs and pretty fountains were great.


And of course there needed to be celebratory photos to mark the occasion.



Someday soon, this will be Kari and Andrew's set of siblings.  I don't think they're ready for this jelly...


Emmy wanted a photo with Andrew too.


Since it was Lincoln's first trip to the Association, we thought we should have a photo too.


Aren't these two just adorable!


By the time we got home, this little guy was partied out, but still just as sweet as ever.


Congratulation Kari and Andrew!  We can't wait to share in all the memories that are coming soon. :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Lincoln- Month Four

You wear three month clothes now from Carters and 3-6 from everywhere else.  You wear size 2 diapers  You weigh  14.5 pounds and are 24 inches.

You eat every three-and-a-half  to four hours.  When you are at daycare, I really try to get them to stick to the four hour mark since I only get to pump twice while I am gone during the day.  You sleep from around 10:30 or 11:00 until 6:30 when I wake you up to eat before school.  Our morning routine consists of me getting ready, getting Emmy ready and then feeding you at the table while we eat breakfast.  So far that seems to be working out for you.

You can push up on your stomach for a long time, you can roll, but you won't unless you are mad, you can annihilate a bottle, you try to stand up by yourself and push off if we are holding you, you can (still) hold yourself up in our arms.  I'm pretty sure that I could carry you around on my hip and you would be fine.  I'm still enjoying the close snuggles though so I carry you around close to my chest.

You traveled to Dallas this month on your first family vacation.  You visited a water park, the downtown Dallas area, the Fort Worth Zoo, the stockyards, and other places. You were an excellent traveling companion.  Even though it was as hot as Hades, you were content to go with the flow and see all of the sights.  There were a few times that I got nervous with you in the heat so we gave you some water from a straw and put some cool compresses here and there.  You were fine, but Mommy worried.

As you probably got from earlier comments, you started daycare this month too.  Those ladies are enthralled with you and you are pretty sweet on them too.  I was much better when it was time to leave you and I almost made it out the door without shedding some tears.  A few well meaning comments from one of Emmy's teachers sent me over the edge.  You are fine though, and I know that getting to be apart some is the best for both of us.

You like: being held, smiling at people, looking/staring at everything around you, watching animals move around (the zoo was awesome for you), being swaddled at night, eating like a big boy, lying and playing with your toy gym, and talking and playing with your sister (other than me she might be your favorite).    

You dislike: Being hot and sweaty (August was a bummer for you), waking up before you are ready, being startled, not being fed quickly enough, waking up alone, mosquitoes, and getting out of the pool if it is already cool outside. 

You eat: green beans (1s), water, and milk.  (We are living on the edge here.)












You made it through big changes this month Buddy, and we are so proud of you!