Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Quilt

I had a specific idea of what I wanted the baby's room to look like color wise. I wanted the room to look like a baby's room without being too babyish. I know that sounds like a contradiction so I will explain. I wanted her room to have colors, textures, and patterns appropriate for a baby or small child, but I did not want the room to be the stomping grounds for the newest trend or theme in Babies-R-Us. I also did not want a designer room that looked like it would be better suited for an adult. It's not that I have anything against either of those concepts...that is just not what I wanted for her room.

I decided that I wanted her room to be decorated in shades of green and pink. I know this is not an incredibly original idea for a little girl's room, but I needed a complimentary color to go with the pink so that it would not end up looking like a ball of cotton candy. I searched the Internet, children's' stores, and Craigslist for the perfect bedding set. I knew that once I found bedding, I could build a room around it. Nothing was right. This one was too old. That one has teddy bears on it. This one is perfect but has fuzzy fabric that the baby could smother in. The list goes on and on. I finally decided that I am too picky, and if I wanted the perfect bedding, I would have to make it myself.

So, I went to Hobby Lobby and picked out material in the colors that I liked. Next, I looked up ideas for quilts online, and I decided that based on my nonexistent sewing skills, a scrap quilt would be the best place to start. Then I went to Wal-Mart and purchased a sewing machine. The quilt took me approximately two days during spring break to make working on and off. I have posted a few pictures of the different stages of the quilt so that you can see the progression. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. It is by no means perfect. There are flaws. There are MANY flaws. BUT I (with the help of Bradley) made it for her, and that makes it special. I lovingly told my sister that it has "character." Hopefully the quilt will be something that she will love and cherish forever.

The material that I chose from Hobby Lobby. I started out with six different colors.

I sewed the strips of material together into a large box shape. Next I turned the quilt and cut the box into strips. Then I sewed the strips into a pattern that created diagonal patterns.

The next step was to cut this shape in half and sew it together. This step was much harder than it looks so I will probably pick a different pattern for future sewing projects. Then I added the batting and sewed on the backing.

The finished product!

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