Friday, October 21, 2011

4 Months

You are so fun right now. Your personality just shines in everything that you do. Although we are not together all day, and I miss you, I think that you really love going to daycare. The ladies all love you and seem to be happy to see you in the morning. Every week when I take your weekly picture, I am surprised by how much bigger you are constantly getting. I am also a little afraid at how quickly the time is passing by. I was just telling someone the other day that I want you to be my little baby forever, but I know that won't happen. You have to grow up and become your own independent little person. For now, I am enjoying our sweet baby time together. Whenever you get upset and will not rest until I am holding you, I just remind myself that soon you will want to run around and will not want me to hold you anymore.

You found your toes this month, and that was really exciting. You constantly are doing whatever stretches necessary to get those toes into your mouth. You are not detered by socks or dirt. Your only objective is to get those little digits into your mouth. Your voice is also changing. You do not have that baby cry anymore. Your little cry is deeper and MUCH louder. I get to hear it anytime I put you down and run out of the room for a second.

You love: Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Papa, Beanie, Kari, YOUR TOES, your swing, your teachers at Methodist, your Bumbo, the rubber spatula from the kitchen, pretty much anything you can chew on to make your gums feel better, bright colors, television (still loving football and baseball), bathtime, and being outside.

You are not fond of: your carseat, the car (much to my disapointment), being cold, being patient, tummy time, laying flat on the ground, the dark, or being alone.

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