Monday, November 7, 2011

5 Months

You are getting to be such a big girl! You are becoming a little bit mobile and love rolling all over the floor to get to whatever you want. Gone are the days when I could leave you in the middle of a blanket to play in the living room while I cook. You are trying to get into everything, and require CONSTANT supervision. The only way that I can get anything done without another person there to play with you is to put you in your exersaucer. You will play in that thing for approximately 15-25 minutes, and I madly dash around the house trying to get a few things done.

You love: having us sing to you (the Acorn song is still a favorite), rolling around on the floor, jumping and stomping the keyboard in your exersaucer, eating, playing with toys, eating your toes, doing stretches, watching the puppies play, "talking," and having things YOUR way.

You dislike: the dark, being ignored (or even perceiving that you might not be getting some one's full attention), your pack-n-play, the words "bye-bye," startling noises, and your car seat.

This month you are going to start trying baby food so we shall see how that goes. You seem content with milk right now, but your Nana is freaking out that she doesn't get to feed you baby food. We shall see how that goes.

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