Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lincoln- Month Two


You slept through the night the night before Emmy's birthday, had your first smile the next day, and started to coo a little and make more noises.

You still wear newborn clothes and could wear newborn diapers, but I have lots of 1s, sow we moved to those. You can wear 0-3 clothes now too, so your wardrobe has expanded.  At your check-up, you weighed 11 pounds and 6 ounces.  You were 21.5 inches.  You are a very eager eater!

You still eat every three hours for now, but I don't worry if it stretches out because your thighs are showing that you have plenty of extra to hold you over.  You have been sleeping through the night pretty consistently since the night before your sister's birthday.  I was so startled when I woke up that morning to sunlight and realized you hadn't woken me up.  I reached into your bed and woke you up for once (because Mommy needed you to eat!).  You smiled so big at me as you woke up.  You still wake up occasionally around 3:30 to eat, and that's just fine with Mommy.  After some reading that I did, I have been trying to get myself to wake up around then when you don't, to go pump, but the struggle is real...and I really don't want to wake up most nights.

You and your sister are still getting along.  She thinks you are the bee's knees and you love to watch her play and dance.  Maybe I will get lucky and you will always love each other like that...but chances are there will be times when you don't like each other very much.

Your travels:
We take you everywhere now.  You go out to lunch, to church, the store (occasionally), and you are no stranger to a good road trip.  You"suffer" through it all with a good-natured nap.

You like your swing, nursing, the rock-n-play, being talked to, "the Bohemian bounce", snuggles, lying on the bed looking at the ceiling fan, talking to sissy, smiling, and swinging.

You don't like being wet, being splashed (at the pool by your sister), the feeling of hunger (join the club buddy), loud startling noises, or being forgotten (when we leave you in once place for too long without talking or playing with you).




Here are some of his weekly photos from this month.  He is changing so quickly!!  I can't take it.





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