Friday, January 1, 2016

Lincoln- Month Eight

This was a big month for you Buddy!  You had your first Christmas, and you loved all of the lights on the tree, brightly wrapped packages, and extra love that you got from family.  You wear size 6-9 month clothes and size three diapers.  You weigh 19.35 pounds and are 26.5inches.

You can drink water from a sippy cup now, and you have almost mastered the art of holding it up high enough to get your water from it.  We found Tommy Tippee sippy cups that were for 7+ months and it is awesome.  The doctor would like for you to drink six to eight ounces of water a day, so we all have water goals for the new year.

You are crawling all over the place now, and you are SO FAST!  We can't set you down anywhere and expect you to  be there for very long.  You are also pulling up on everything and trying to let go and stand by yourself.  It is times like these that make me wish we had tacky shag carpet.  You have fallen a few times on the tile, and it breaks my heart every time.  It doesn't seem to phase you, but I still have ice packs on standby.  Since you won't stay on the area rug, we have also resorted to pulling out the pack-n-play.  You are content to play in there as long as we are all in the room, but if we leave, you are highly upset.

In fun news, you went to Nutcracker with the ladies group from church, and you behaved like a dream.  You slept almost the entire first act until the clapping woke you up.  Then you play during intermission, and slept part of the second act.  While you were awake you were enraptured with the beautiful dancers and lights.  I was pretty nervous beforehand, but you couldn't have done any better if I had planned it all out myself.

You got to be in the Christmas play at church!  You were baby Jesus during the manger scene, and it was quite adorable if I do say so myself.  (You get a good part when your Mom is the director and you are the only baby boy at church.)

During this month you went to the Christmas mall, you watched The Nutcracker in Stafford,  you went to Henry's party in College Station, you went to Channelview for Christmas Eve, you went to Beaumont for Christmas Day, and you traveled to Gigi's house for New Year's.  You also got to attend the El Campo Christmas parade, and we did lots and lots of Christmas shopping this month.  

Speaking of Christmas, you will really really enjoyed all of the packages. You love the colors, you loved all the different shapes and sizes, and you loved when it was time to tear open the paper.  You liked your gifts but I'm not sure that you like them as much as you enjoyed the paper, the bows, and the sound of everything tearing as you ripped into it.  We bought you  really exciting presents this year like socks ,a new thermometer, clothes, and one fun toy that lights up and sings.  I figured we better buy you things you needed instead of just more stuff to sit around the house, and don't worry you got lots of toys from your other relatives.

You eat: green beans, peas, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, apples, bananas, prunes with apples (only if you are feeling a bit clogged), banana puffs, banana yogurt bites, and the Gerber maple syrup puffs (who even knew they made such a thing).  You still drink milk (5- 5.5 ounces at a time) and water (5 ounces a day).

You love: crawling, pulling up on the furniture, your new car, the rubber duck, all your new snacks, splashing in the bath tub, clicking the keys on a keyboard, grabbing things with your ever developing pitching reflex, giving kisses, snuggling at bed time, and eating (we haven't found much that you don't like).

You dislike: being alone, having stuff taken away from you (like leaves you found on the floor), not being fed fast enough, being strapped into your seat if we aren't in the car, waking up in the dark, loud noises, and not getting your way.



You were playing a little game that I like to call "I Will Not Sit Up for a Picture No Matter How Many Times Mommy Tries" today.  It was super fun.



By the week, here is what you looked like this month. 





It's been a whirlwind of a month, but you survived your first holiday season.  We can't wait for the many more we will share.

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