Friday, April 1, 2016

Lincoln- Month Eleven

If we had a walker last month, we almost have a runner this month!  The progress that you have made in such a short time just astounds me, and I am mesmerized wondering what you will do next.  You had a lot of firsts this month.  You had your first St. Patrick's Day, spring break, and Easter.  You loved them all.  It was especially fun watching you toddle around and pick up eggs.  After you found two or three, you were good.  You just wanted to hold them in your hand like you had found a big prize.  You also got to have your first sleep-over at Nana's house when I went to Fredericksburg for Melinda's bachelorette party.  I really missed you, but you had a grand old time without me.  You did light up when I walked in the door though, so my ego was sufficiently assuaged.


You weigh 22.8 pounds (not much of a gain from last month), and you are 28.75 inches.  When Papa was holding you the other day, you looked so long.  I think you are finally stretching out again.  For a while, all of your pants were puddling by your feet, but I think that everything is finally leveling out again.

You traveled to Nana's house for a sleepover, to Houston to watch Aunt Rah-Rah try on wedding dresses, to Overton to stay with Aunt Nancy, to Gigi's house for the end of Spring Break, the farm park,  and to La Grange to take Blue Bonnet photos.  It was a really busy month for us, but you were a champ.



You Eat: ANYTHING that we put in front of you.  You were a really eager eater at daycare this month, and they let you start eating the regular lunch on most days.  They just run your food through a grinder to break it up, and you eat it all like it's going out of style.  At home, I still feed you some baby food for convenience, but you are eating food we eat too if it is soft enough.

You Like: your gumball machine that we got you for Christmas, going for walks in the stroller,  drinking things from a straw, eating "table food," snuggling with Mommy, comfort nursing, walking all over the house and getting into stuff, playing with your toys (or Emmy's toys), getting into the cabinets at Nana's house, climbing the stairs, general mischief, chewing on everything, going to the park and getting to play on the AstroTurf, playing hide and seek, and being outside.

You Dislike: teething, being sleepy (we NEED to be home by 9:00 so you can go to sleep or you are grumpy), being alone in the dark while you are awake, being hungry, being told no, having to be patient, lying down to take a nap (but you love sleep once you are out for the count), having to sit still to get dressed or get a diaper change,  getting picked up if you want to run, Maggie (and she doesn't deserve your scorn), and having to eat baby food if you want our food.

You Say: mama, dada, buh, bye, ba, rah, nah, no, and muh.

 Teeth: 3 (bottom middle three).

Your monthy photos are getting harder and harder to take.  You are a wiggly fighting little worm!





Here you are by week:






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