Tuesday, August 25, 2009

South Padre Island!!

Brad and I went on vacation with my family and my aunt, uncle and their two kids. It was really fun. We rented an awesome house right on the beach. It was a really cool house with three bedrooms and bathrooms, and it had a huge living area and a HOT TUB!! We spent most of our days playing at the beach or shopping and at night we would cook big meals and either watch TV or play games. (and of course sit in the hot tub). Two of the days we were there we went to Schlitterbahn SPI. It was really cool. This park was a lot smaller than the one in New Bransfels, but you never had to get out of the water. When you wanted to get on a ride, you just floated in to a canal near the ride and floated in line!! Dad really like that. The kids and Brad loved the Boogie Bahn where you body surf...I tried it a couple of times and it was fun, but I didn't like having to stand in line (The one line in the whole park!). Other than that, we went to some cool places, and we ate at a couple of really good places that had AMAZING breakfast tacos (not as good as Raquel's but still good). All in all it was a really awesome trip, and we all got along and came back in one piece so we should do it again!

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