Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day Weekend!

Brad finally got to come home after being gone working in Yorktown for almost two weeks so I was SUPER EXCITED for him to be home. He got Thursday, Friday, and Monday off for Labor Day so we decided to break the weekend in half and go visit some family. We went to Austin to visit his grandparents and as always that was really fun! They really take good care of us when we visit there....lots of good food, games and snacks the whole time. On Friday, we drove down to Marble Falls for the afternoon and went jet skiing with C.J. and Fallon. Afterwards, they came back to Cedar Park with us so we got to spend the evening and all of Saturday with CHRISTOPHER!! It was really fun getting to play with him...I even got to take some pictures of him while he was full and happy (you can see those by going to my other blog AND not to be forgotten (this is going to be really nerdy so brace yourself) we got to go to Half Price Books and they were having a Labor Day Sale!!! 20% off!!! I got like 24 books and a bag for less than 50 dollars!! I was really excited. Brad found a "Learn Spanish" series that he can listen to in the car so he was pretty happy too! Sadly, we had to leave on Saturday because we had to be back for Youth would have been fun to get to stay longer! Here is a picture from when Brad and I were playing pick-a-boo with Christopher...LOOK at that SMILE!!

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