Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hanging out in O-town!

We went to see my cousin Wendy last weekend in Overton! She is getting married on June 5, 2010 so it's getting close to the deadline for us to order bridesmaid dresses and such. Brad and I decided to make a weekend out of it and go up early...this was a good plan. When we got there we went to the opening of a new sports memorabilia store because there were going to be former Dallas Cowboys players there signing autographs according to the advertisement. This was trickery I tell you, trickery!! Poor Jason thought he was going to get autographs, but all he ended up getting were the awkward and pressured smiles of the store workers. The place was EMPTY when we got there...and we soon found out why. There was a former Cowboy's player there, but in order to get an autograph you had to buy his $25 biography. This purchase then authorized you to buy one of the six things they had for sale that you could get autographed. So pretty much you had to spend about $40-$60 dollars to get the autograph of a guy no one really cared about. So we just walked around the empty store (outnumbered 3 to 1 by employees) and tried not to make eye contact with the guy that we were supposed to be getting an autograph was like he was telepathically saying, "Cheapskates, BUY MY BOOK!". After this we went to Chick Fil A where Jason told us about something called Fred Lobsters (a car race). Think Nascar but with cars that value under $1000. The purpose of this race is to drink a case of beer every 40 laps...there are 120 total so that is quite a lot of beer. We laughed so hard that by the end of lunch we were making plans to go to the next one in Feb. 2010. I will keep you posted on specific dates if you are interested! They had a birthday party for my cousin Josh that night, and then we baby sat little Micheal. Sunday we drove to Shreveport, LA and went to David's Bridal. We must have tried on every dress in that store, but ultimately we came back to the first dress that we tried on. It is really pretty. I will post pictures of some of the dresses that didn't work out quite as well! Anyway, Brad and I had a good time, and we can't wait to go back and see everyone!

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