Tuesday, January 10, 2012

7 Months

You crazy little girl, you are growing up much too fast for my liking.

We got to spend a lot of the past month together since I was off of work for two weeks for the Christmas Holidays. We spent our days running around trying to get things ready for Christmas and then recovering during the aftermath. It was an entirely wonderful time that I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to have. We stayed up late, made Cookies, tried new recipes, WENT SHOPPING, hung out at Nana's house, played Kinect, listened to Christmas music, played on the floor, read books, and watched movies. We did anything and everything that we wanted to do. Perhaps we/I did not get all of the "projects" that I had planned to do during my time off, but we enjoyed quality moments together and I think that is what really matters. The dirty house will still be there, but you may not always want to snuggle and watch movies.

Since last month, you can really sit yourself up all on your own. You can pose yourself like a model as you move around trying to reach all of your toys. You are also becoming SUPER SPEEDY when it comes to crawling. In the blink of an eye it seems you shoot across the room in search of the buttons on the blue ray player at Nana's house. AND YOU REALLY TURN IT OFF! You also started pulling up on the couches, your toys, my legs, and anything else that you can get to. I try to make you slow down, but you are intent on becoming a big girl.

You love: Being held (if it's your idea), crawling, drumming on the Christmas tins, chewing on the outside of your pacifier, eating, playing your piano, saying "DaDa," chasing the puppies, giving kisses (especially to Maggie), your wooden rolling toys, and getting your way!

You don't like: sitting in your exersaucer, the johnny jump up, your carseat, the dark, being told "No," being put down (if it's not your idea), being around loud groups of people, and being held by strangers (you are starting to realize that strangers do exist).

You are eating: Milk (of course!), Green Beans, Peas (if we make you), Squash, Sweet Potatoes, and Banana Puffs. Some days you can eat a whole jar of baby food in one sitting and still look at me like what else do you have and other days you seem satisfied after a couple of teaspoons.

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