Monday, February 6, 2012

8 months!

I believe I saw a gray hair today, and Emmarie gave it to me. This little girl is fearless. She loves to beat on the popcorn tin at Nana's house. She is really cute and can keep a decent beat. She also loves to drink water from a glass. Since she can pull herself up to the end tables, we have had to start being careful about where we leave our drinks. She was sitting on the floor beating on her drum and minding her own business very innocently. I was drinking a glass of water, and I set it on the end table. She stood up and tried to grab the glass so I moved it to the middle of the table out of her reach. She looked at it, but then went back to banging on the drum. I turned around to talk to Mom a conversation ensues only to be interrupted by my mom saying,"NO EMMARIE!" I personally thought that she might be trying to eat the power cords again, so imaging my shock when I turned around to see my little baby with both of her knees up on the can trying to climb onto the end table. She had already made it to the cup and was sticking her hand into the water to drag it over to the edge when I grabbed her. Things that make you go...hmmmm.

She loves: playing at Nana's house, Cheeto puffs (really any kind of Gerber Puff...Emmy is high dollar though...she doesn't like the store brand), playing with her dinosaur ball popper, dancing, being held, shopping!, sitting like a big girl in the cart, snuggling, playing/singing "Mr. Brown," MOMMY (she has gotten a tiny bit clingy), daycare and her teachers, paper, and putting things in her mouth.

She hates:  Being left behind in a room, not getting her way (can you say strong-willed?!), regular applesauce (I guess it is too much texture for her yet), being told No, the store-brand puffs, and being taken from Mommy if it isn't her idea.

She eats: squash, peas, chicken, turkey, applesauce (both the baby kind and the regular organic kind), bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes, and any kind of puff you give her. We are also trying to work on using a sippy cup, but that is moving at a much slower pace than I would prefer.

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