Tuesday, March 6, 2012

9 Months

This month started a little roughly for us.  On Sunday, while we were at church, Emmy was playing in the nursery.  After church we went to visit with everyone and out of nowhere, Emmy threw up all over herself.  I hurriedly took her to the restroom and cleaned her up.  Within the next hour, she threw up three more times. By this time, I was getting worried so I went to the store and started her on pedialyte.  She continually kept throwing up everything that I gave her so I took her to the doctor on Monday before school.  Since Mondays is a crazy morning at the clinic, I made sure we were there as they opened so that I would for sure be done before school started.  Our regular pediatrician wasn't on call, so we had to see someone else.  The doctor said she probably had a virus and that I should give her pedialyte and monitor her fluids.  Um, thanks.  I was already doing that.  She also said to give her smaller amounts every 30 minutes.  Thankfully Britt was still at home from the weekend, so she agreed to watch Emmy for the morning so that I would only have to take off from school the afternoon. 

After staying with her all afternoon, I ended up getting sick as well.  I spent the better part of the night in the restroom, and I was thanking God for giving me such a great Mom that helped me take care of the baby while I was sick.  She was paid back by getting the virus from Emmy and I.  So Tuesday Mom, Emmy, and I were home sick all day.  I was still feeling sick the next morning, but I knew I had to go to school since we were giving the TAKS test to juniors and sophomores.  I made it threw the day and Mom watched Emmy since she was still throwing up and couldn't go to daycare.  I decided to take her back in to the doctor Thursday morning before school.  This time, we saw our doctor, and he said that she had lost almost two pounds.  I told him that she had been throwing up for several days, but I was pumping her with fluids so she was still "functioning" normally.  He said that we needed to get some calories into that kid fast, so he had me start diluting her milk and giving her 1/2 an ounce every 45 minutes.  He also told me that she looked a little dry and if she wasn't peeing every 6 hour by the next day, they needed to admit her in the hospital.  SAY WHAT!!?!  I was on a mission because we could not spend Spring Break in the hospital (and I was worried about Emmy...).

After drinking pedialyte for the better part of the week, she was none too thrilled about watery milk.  To add to the dilemma, I needed to be at school, and Mom was finally feeling well enough to get back to work.  So Bradley graciously volunteered to stay up with her (even though he had been working all night).  So Emmy got to spend some quality Daddy time.  On Friday, Brittany was back home so she kept watch over Emmarie so all was well.  After that week, I was never so happy to see Spring Break. 

We had family pictures planned for Saturday, but since she was still throwing up, I was scared about how that was going to work.  Thankfully, Sarah called me to reschedule since the weather was so bad in College Station.  We went on vacation, and finally by Tuesday, Emmy was feeling better and able to keep everything down.

So, can you sense the source of my frustration?

Being sick also had some effects on her socially.  Since she didn't go to daycare for almost two weeks, she got really used to being held and coddled and being with Mommy, Nana, or some other family member.  This made her very attached to us, and a little cranky with anyone that deemed their self bold enough to try to pick up Lady Emmarie.  She was also on the verge of walking, and sadly this has fallen off her "to-do" list for right now.

She loves: Being held (refusing to be put down), puffs, cheeto puffs, playing the piano, the dinosaur ball popper that Granny and Papa got her for Christmas, grape pedialyte, "singing" and dancing (she can drop it), touching EVERYTHING, putting random household items into her mouth, and any iPhone she can get her little fingers on!

She doesn't like: Being put down, the walker, being told no, changing clothes, diaper changes, Mommy's laptop (she closes the lid on my fingers or tries to sit on it), strangers, not being the center of attention, drinking juice from a bottle, peas, and being put in her bed.

She eats: JELLO (not a fan, might be the consistency), Carrots, Peas, Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Vegetable Chicken Dinner, Turkey and Mixed Vegetables, Turkey, Chicken, Beef and Veggies (NOT a favorite), Applesauce, Bananas, Mixed fruit, Puffs, and Milk.

BTW: We did get to reschedule her 9 month pictures with Sarah Giles of Butterfly Chaser Photography, and we are super pumped to see those!  Emmy did such and good job, and she acted like a big girl for Sarah the whole time. Below is a picture I took of Emmy and her Daddy on Spring Break. Aren't they both just breath taking in blue?


Below are some of our family pictures from our first shoot with Butterfly Chaser Photography.  I was so very happy with the results!

Emmarie-17 copy








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