Friday, September 7, 2012

15 Months


Emmy went back to daycare this month. I would like to say that she fled back to society and "the establishment" with open arms, but a little birdie warned me that babies get a little spoiled when they spend 2.5 months at home playing with their Mommy. If I ever see that birdie again, I will shoot the messenger. I may be slightly over exaggerating the situation. She cried a little when I dropped her off, but she has been adjusting well to being back in a schedule. The first day, she took a 2 hour and fifteen minute nap!

 I went to pick her up the other day, and they were waiting for me at the door with papers to sign. As I was reading over the papers trying to make sense of it all, I caught sight of Emmarie in Britt's arms (she beat me to the daycare). On her nose were two red bloody marks and a little rug burn mark across her forehead. Apparently Emmarie dreams of becoming a trapeze artist or an Olympic Diver. They stacked the cots that the children take naps on, and unbeknownst to the teacher, Emmarie climbed up on them and jumped off. I couldn't be mad because she has done the same kind of stunts with me before. She is just a wild child in the making. I definitely foresee gymnastics in our future. Or a rock wall in the backyard. :)

She is eating: LOTS of chicken nuggets, Strawberry granola bars, not much milk, pizza, some veggies (especially if I feed her the baby food kind), bananas, yogurt, whatever they have on the schedule at daycare, EGGS, cinnamon toast crunch, mashed potatoes, and just about anything that we don't want her to have. She got to try Capri Suns at Halle's party and promptly drank two full pouches. After rereading this list, I fully expect that a parent of the year award is in my immediate future. Or not.

She likes: playing on the floor, being right by Mommy, shrieking & whining if she doesn't get her way, giving kisses, showing/poking other people's noses, ears, & mouths, CLIMBING, playing with dishes & cups, playing with my little tikes kitchen, singing, dancing, and in general getting her way.

She dislikes: being dropped off at daycare (but just those first few moments of separation), being told NO, eating cooked vegetables, milk in her sippy cup, being left in a room alone, having a toy taken away, being forced to share (it has to be her idea), and waking up in her bed alone.

Emmy and Halle are super enthused about having to wait for cake at Halle's party at Jumpalooza!

The girls playing on Halle's four wheeler!

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