Monday, August 6, 2012

14 Months


 One day out of the blue in early July, I got a message from the clinic.  They wanted me to call them to talk about Emmarie's test results.  Since we had given them a blood same about 30 days before, I thought they must have called us mistakenly.  When I called, the nurse apologized because somehow they had not notified me earlier.  they said that I needed to bring Emmarie in to get follow-up blood work because their were "issues" with her first sample.  I scheduled a time for the next day and hung up the phone smiling to myself because I figured they probably found, glove and skin tissue from the lady that drew the last sample.

The next day when we got there, we were ready to do our finger prick again, when the lady motioned us to the room next door.  I had brought Brad with me for back-up, and I was a bit suprised when she told me they would take Emmy from there unless we really wanted to come.  I must have looked a little suprised because she theyn asked if I was aware htey would be drawing blood through an IV today.  UM, NO, I was not aware that you would be shoving a needle in my baby's arm today.  Umkay, thanks.  I told her that we would feel more comfortable accompany them into the room.  At htis point Brad started to get a little green just thinking about the process and I told him he didn't have to come in but I would like him to.  The ladies took Emmy, and I tried to warn them that she was a fighter.  They gave a little laugh and said she wouldn't be a problem. 

 They really shouldn't have said that.

She proceeded to give them the fight of her life.  The lady stuck her three times before she even found a vein.  I was getting a little anxious because it is one thing for her to cry because she is throwing a fit, but this was starting to become the cry of a very scared little girl.  My mommy instincts started kicking in, and I asked them if I could have her so I could comfort her for a few minutes.  They gladly handed her over, and I tried to quiet her sobs.  Meanwhile they both took a break because htey were breathing pretty heavily.

I asked if it would help if I held her, and they tried in the other arm.  This way one lady could draw the sample and the other lady could devote all of her energy to holding Em's arm still.  They grudgingly agreed to do it my way if I thought I could keep her still.  In a matter of minutes they had their sample, and we were walking out the door.  They told me we should have the results by the end of the day and to expect a call.  Over a week later, they called and apologized again for not having gotten with us sooner.  They said that Emmarie is anemic and should begin taking soluble iron immediately.  Great, I thought.  She is going to love this.  After looking at three or four store, I finally found what she needed.  Amazingly, she didn't mind taking it.  I also increased her morning egg regime from two to three eggs.  We also made a concerted effort to make sure that she had a meat product at every meal.  We shall see if that helps.

Emmy had a lot of fun this month on our trip to Gulf Shores.  She played in the sand, ran into the waves (with us right with her), and soaked up some sun.  She also took two hour naps on the beach every afternoon under the umbrella.  It was like she was being lulled into a deep trance by the waves.  It gave us some time to just chill and not have to run after her every 10 seconds.  I will probably have to do a whole separate post about this trip to share all of the amazing pictures.

We have three teeth now!  Two bottom teeth and one of her top teeth.  I can see that the second one will be coming in soon, but for now, she looks a little bit snaggle-toothed.

She eats: chicken nuggets (cut into like 9 pieces), yogurt, apple cereal bars, milk (sometimes), 3 eggs every morning (to up her iron intake), some veggies, baby juice (cause quite an episode), WATER (you love it), chicken & apples, squash, mashed potatoes, french fries, toast, biscuits, iron drops, ice cream, cake, and cupcakes (thanks Nana).  You don't really like the texture of real meat or vegetables yet (except chicken nuggets) but you are satisfied with baby food for now.

You like: the ocean, the sand, building stuff, digging in the cabinets, climbing the stairs (we had to install expensive gates because you climb them so fast and it was dangerous), swinging, riding in your Cozy Coupe, playing with your water table, climbing on teh furniture, stacking soda cans at Nana's houes, going for walks, reading books, "talking" for everyone that you see, saying hi, dancing when we play loud music, and laughing on cue when other people laugh.  You think it makes you such a big girl that you are laughing with us.

You don't like: being told you can't get in the cabinets or climb on the stairs, the texture of real meat and some veggies (you immediately spit them out), having mommy hug other people or hold other babies if I am not holding you too, the dark, having to sleep in your bed (you only cry for a minute or two now), not having my full attention, having to be patient and wait your turn, and seeing other people play with toys without being able to take them.








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