Sunday, January 6, 2013

19 Months


Emmy had a busy month of December.

She went to College Station for Aunt B' graduation. WHOOP!  She did a great job of sitting in the auditorium for the most part, but after Brittany's name was called, my dad took her outside to play.  While she was with him, he let her do pretty much whatever she wanted and she got to "take a ride" on one of the A&M golf carts.  Of course by the time we all made it outside for pictures, she was fast asleep and refused to wake up.  Great memories.

The next day, we went to Mom and Dad's house for Britt's party, and Emmy had a good time playing and soaking up attention from everyone there.  She got to play with Ollie and Halle and loved it.

She had her Christmas party at school on the Thursday before we got out.  Unfortunately, I couldn't go because of the time in the morning that they had it, so there aren't any pictures.  Santa did come to see them, so maybe she wasn't as mean to him as she was at Sonic.

We had three different Christmas events to attend this year, but you can read more about those in separate posts.  Emmy made away with a really good haul, and she loves all her new babies and toys.

After Christmas, it was Mommy and Emmy time for the rest of month 18 for Emmy because I didn't go back to the school until the 7th of January.  We watched movies, cleaned, had dance parties, made stuff, took pictures, played, and just relaxed and had fun.  I love getting to have that kind of quality time with her, and I consider the time off to be one of the best parts of my job. 

She likes: Her new yellow convertible!, Playing with her baby dolls, carrying around blankets and covering people, her "Mon Mon" (sock monkey), books (especially Duck and Goose), pictures (there is a picture at Mom's house of Kari as a baby that she is especially fond of carrying around), riding in her car, going for walks, the puppies, drinking out of a straw from "big people cups", giving hugs, giving mouth kisses (not just to Mommy and Daddy), having her way, belly buttons (and she will lift your shirt to see it), dancing, preparing "meals" with the dishes and food she got for her little kitchen,  being outside (when we will take her), baths (the water must run the whole time and we fight when she has to get out), boots, trying on any pair of grown-up shoes that she can and modeling them, trying to repeat everything we say, "singing",  her doll car seat, CLIMBING ON EVERYTHING, twirling around in circles, identifying body parts, and coloring with markers and crayons.

She dislikes: Being told no, only getting one string cheese at a time, not getting to eat more than one applesauce (she will reduce to tears every time), being picked up by people she doesn't know well, waking up in the morning for school, sitting in the cart at the store buckled in, brushing her teeth, and having to help clean up/put away toys (she thinks they should stay out all the time).

She eats: Just about anything, but she does have favorites: chicken nuggets, pizza, blueberry breakfast bars, ice cream, smarties (only occasionally), pizza bites, CHICKEN,  carrot slices, Ritz crackers, animal crackers, fruit grain bars, eggs, STRING CHEESE, apple slices, pineapple, and APPLE SAUCE.  She would live off of cheese and applesauce if I let her.

She Says: Daddy, Mama, WahWah (water), Papa, Nana, Rah, Bea, GiGi, Puff, Ball, Dog, Baby, Hug, Kiss, Bite, Yeah, No, Mine, More, Hi, Bye, Night, Nose, Eyes, MonMon (monkey), Juice, Milk, Book, Shoes, Up, Hey, Duck, Nice.  She is getting really good at repeating things that we tell her. She is also getting better about saying please and sometimes thank you, but I have to remind her.  She can identify and say nose, eyes, ears, teeth, eyebrow, cheek, chin, mouth, teeth, hair, toes, feet, and arms.  If we start counting, she will say one, two, THREE.  She can pretty much parrot anything, but we still have trouble with "L" sounds.  Marlee was Ma-EEE when she came to visit.  Lily is Yily.  When I tell her something she loves to tell me "I know" like she's already a teenager or something.  It's cute for a little while.

Teeth: I need to verify because she has had her fingers in her mouth chewing, but I think she has 11 teeth now.  Two top molars all the way decended and one bottom molar.

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