Wednesday, February 6, 2013

20 Months!!

Just in case she wasn't already, she has officially entered the terrible twos. 
 Four months early. Lucky. Us.


My daughter is destined to be an Oscar Award winning actress. Almost daily we have meltdowns of epic proportions. During said meltdowns, my little actress will throw herself to the floor, usually face down, and flail and thrash around while "crying." This usually lasts approximately 15-60 seconds depending on whether or not she gets what she wants. She turns on the fake tears and hides her face. This is a move that I feel she shouldn't know yet. I don't think I learned that move until my late teens...and even then I probably wasn't nearly as convincing as she is now.



She can be a little mean at times. (There is an understatement if I’ve ever heard one.) At the 20s & 30s mixer at church this month, she was going wild playing with the other kids. I think that it is awesome that she is finally starting to be old enough to join in “the fun” that is running around the Sunday School building like a wild banshee. It really warms my heart (insert eye roll). So when the other kids decided to play a new game called Attack Youth Pastor Jake, she was the first to volunteer as tribute. It started off with all of the kids jumping on him and trying to make him fall, but this lighthearted fun quickly escalated when the children picked up weapons. In the picture below you can see some kids are using pieces of the bowling set, but not my baby. She can’t be all mainstream and use the same kind of toy. No she needed to think of something new and original. So she found a platter in the kid’s kitchen and used it to bash him across the knees. So very proud.




We attended Henry’s 1st Birthday Party this month. This was the best party we have been to in ages. Lauren’s attention to detail made everything really fun and cohesive. Since he was born, she has been taking pictures of him every month with a big stuffed frog, so of course his party theme was frogs. The kids colored little wooden frogs. They went on a frog hunt in the back yard. Even the adults got to join in the fun. All of the food, games, and favors were perfectly planned, and Henry was a champ. He was probably the most fun baby I have ever watched smash a cake, and he was generous enough to want to share it with his dad!




We also made a trip to Marble Falls this month to see some of the Barnes Family. While we were there, we got to see some of Brad’s cousins that live in Colorado. We also got to meet Brodie for the first time. We fed the ducks with Pappy Barnes at the park. And we visited with Grandma and GrandBob in Cedar Park. We had a lot of fun visiting with everyone as always, and hopefully we will get to make more visits down there this year since Brad isn’t working every other weekend.










Such a busy month is enough to tire some people out!


She likes: Going on walks in the stroller, playing with her baby dolls, , her "Mon Mon" (sock monkey), her new Duck and Goose books, riding in her car, all the puppies, drinking out of "big people cups", giving hugs and kisses, having her way, showing off her belly button, dancing, preparing "meals" with the dishes and food she got for her little kitchen, being outside, bath time, Shoes (anyone’s will do), parroting our every move and word, "singing", CLIMBING ON EVERYTHING, twirling around in circles (as fast as she possibly can), sliding down slides (not crazy about swings), feeding the ducks (she was so incredibly excited the entire time we did this), talking on Facetime with Rah Rah, and staying the night at Nana’s house. This makes her feel like such a big girl.

She dislikes: Being told no, only getting one string cheese at a time, not getting to eat more than one applesauce (she will reduce to tears every time being forced to talk to people at church or the store, waking up in the morning for school, getting into her car seat, having to throw away her breakfast bar if she doesn’t finish before we get to daycare, sitting in the cart at the store buckled in, and having to help clean up/put away toys (she thinks they should stay out all the time).

She eats: Just about anything, but she does have favorites: chicken nuggets, PIZZA (her current favorite), apple breakfast bars, ice cream, Smarties (from Wanda at church), pizza bites, CHICKEN, animal crackers, fruit grain bars, eggs, STRING CHEESE, apple slices, pineapple, and APPLE SAUCE. She would eat pizza and chicken nuggets at every meal if I let her.

She Says: Daddy, Mama, WahWah (water), Papa, Nana, Rah, Bea, GiGi, Puff, Ball, Dog, Baby, Hug, Kiss, Bite, Yeah, No, Mine, More, Hi, Bye, Night, Nose, Eyes, MonMon (monkey), Juice, Milk, Book, Shoes, Up, Hey, Duck, Nice. She is getting really good at repeating things that we tell her. She is also getting better about saying please and sometimes thank you, but I have to remind her. She can identify and say nose, eyes, ears, teeth, eyebrow, cheek, chin, mouth, teeth, hair, toes, feet, and arms. If we start counting, she will say one, two, THREE. Her new phrase of choice is “No No.” So everything is “No No Sasha” or “No No Daddy.” Lord help us if she starts telling everyone no!

Teeth: Definitely has 11 teeth, but has been super crank and chewing on everything so I anticipate more in the immediate future.

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