Monday, June 10, 2013

Emmarie's 2nd Birthday- Tutus & Ties {The Details}

When I was trying to decide what we would do for Emmarie's 2nd birthday, I searched far and wide (mostly on Pinterest) for the perfect theme.  Somewhere along the way as I traveled the world wide web, I stumbled upon a little girls 2nd birthday where the theme was tutus and ties.  It. was. adorable.

I immediately pinned it, and knew this is what we would do for Emmy's birthday.  I think this was in October. (It's sad)

So I began trying to think of some fun party decorations that I could begin working on.  I like to do crafty things, so when it's possible and economical, I like to make rather than buy her decorations.

We went with aqua, hot pink, and light pink for the colors.

I painted the sign that hung above the cake table.  I got some white roll paper and took it to the school.  There I made a design on the computer and traced the letters.  I could have free handed it, but it was so much quicker just to trace. AND it meant that I could use my new favorite font.


The poms were some that my cousin, Rae, made for her baby shower. They have been hanging in her room since then, and I thought it would be sweet to bring them out for another party.


On the wall above the tutu table, I hung pictures of her from each month this year.  I think it is fun to be able to display some of the pictures in real life (not just on facebook). (The the 1st picture is from her 1 year photo session and the christmas pictures was one that was taken during our christmas photoshoot with Butterfly Chaser Photography.)


Here is a picture of the cake table.


Here is a picture of the tutu (and ties) table.

We also had lots of great food.




And last but not least, here are pictures of the cake.  Raeassia did a great job (as usual) of creating a perfect cake to compliment our theme.  I sent her several pictures of cakes that I had found on Pinterest and she combined them to create this piece of perfection.




It was pretty on the inside too!


Some of the details from the cake after we cut it.


I also made personalized water bottles again.


Okay now that all of the details are out of the way, we can get started on the party!

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