Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Emmy's Escapades

Here are just a few things that my darling daughter has been up to lately. 
-Emmy got kissed at daycare.  Apparently a little boy came up and put his arm around her shoulders and kissed her cheek. I don't know she reacted, but apparently another boy in the class body checked him and yelled "NO KISSING."  That kid is my hero.

 -Emmy got put at the sad face picture (this would require a whole post on its own) for throwing blocks.  Supposedly there was another kid that was throwing blocks too, and when the teacher told them to stop, Emmy kept throwing.  She didn't care too much about getting put in SAD until they told her that they were going to tell her Mommy how she had been acting.  This produced real tears.  (Score- Mommy 1, Emmy-0)

-The director of Emmy's school was helping pass out lunch plates the other day in the classroom.  Emmy gets a plate of Chicken Parmesan put down in front of her.  She looks at it and says "Is this mine?  Wow."  Awestruck like she has never been given a plate of food before.  (Score- Mommy 1, Emmy-1)


-As you may or may not know, Emmy likes to "tell stories" (apparently if you call your 2 year old a liar, you are a bad Mom).  Emmy was petting the new puppy at Mom's house.  He jumped into her lap and tried to lick her face.  She ran away saying the puppy wanted to eat her face.  I am not really sure where she gets this stuff.

-Emmy  got to pay another visit to SAD for climbing on the play kitchen at school.  For those of you who are counting, that's twice in one week.  We are super proud parents.

-Emmy got a new car seat for my car, and I had to install it myself.  I tried to install it in the middle rear facing, but I could not get it tight enough.  I just put it forward facing, and I thought I would get Bradley to fix it the next day.  I kind of forgot, so she was still riding like that the next day when we were on our way to get some dinner.  Bradley was "driving like he stole it" and whipped around a corner.  Emmy's seat leaned way over sideways and she yelled "WHOA."  It. Was. Hilarious.  (If you can get passed the really dangerous part where her seat was not installed correctly)  We have it all fixed now, so don't go calling Johnny Law on us. ;)


-To continue on in the theme of car seat stories, Emmy had another fun moment riding in the car with Nana.  Nana was driving a little quickly, and she drove over a bump in the road a little fast.  Emmy got jostled in the car, and said, "Nana's going too fast!  Too fast!"  Yes Emmy we all usually agree with you.

-We have been eating a restaurant in Lousie called Britt's a lot lately.  There isn't a whole lot on the regular menu that Emmy likes, so she gets to order chili cheese tator tots if she is good.   Brad went to grab one of her tator tots. She pulled the plate away and said, "Those are mine. Don't touch them." I don't know where she gets all this stinginess when it comes to food.

-Emmy grabbed Bradley when he was trying to sleep and said, "Push" while pushing his face.  He did not find it amusing.  I thought it was hilarious.  Different strokes for different folks I guess.

-Emmy grabbed Bradley while he was sleeping and said, "Tickle tickle." The funny part is that  she can actually tickle now.  Bradley was not amused.  I guess the moral of that story is that maybe he shouldn't try to go to sleep before the baby.

-Emmy told Bradley "Wake up lazy."  I may call him Lazy Bones too often.  My bad.

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