Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Users

Something crazy has happened.  I logged on to check out the daily blogs that I read, and my blog count looks weird.  I must not be reading it right because it says that 147 people read my blog the other day.  Not the usual 1.47 people (Thanks Mom and whoever else happens to read), but One hundred and forty-seven people.  129 of those people all read one article.  Cool.  If this many people are going to show up on a normal basis, I better get my act together and write about cool stuff, so they (you) will stay around. 

Please excuse me while I search for my thinking hat.  My house is a little messy at the moment, so this could take a while.

While I am searching, you can look at these screen shots.  I felt like I better post them in case some of you are in a state of disbelief like me. ;)

Exhibit A:
blog numbers2

Exhibit B:
blog numbers

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