Friday, September 19, 2014

Cheer Camp & Game

The local high school put on a cheer camp for the little kids in our town.  After the fiasco that dance camp was this summer, I was very hesitant to sign Emmy up.  I spoke with the sponsor and she assured me that the little girls would be sectioned off and doing stuff that little girls could do, so I signed her up.

I am so glad that we took the chance because she had so much fun.

Here she is with her group at the end of the mini-camp waiting for their parents.


She probably had such a good time because there were so many girls working the camp that she already knew.


She also had a friend there for moral encouragement.


The next week, she suited up in her camp shirt and headed down to the Friday Night Lights to try out her new found cheer skills.  After a short photo session at home...

She was so excited to get to be where all the big girls were on the track.


She never even looked back when one of the moms took her to walk out on the field.


They got to cheer the entire first quarter.


While she may not have wanted to jump in and cheer her heart out in front of everyone, she thought the entire experience was really cool.


This was probably her favorite part.  All I heard for the next couple of weeks was, "Pick me up. I'm a cheerleader."


Of course she had her own group of cheerleaders yelling for her at the game too.  Nana and Daddy didn't get in the photos, but they were super proud as well.


Way to go Emmy!  We are so proud of you for trying new things and being such a big girl.  Try not to grow up too quickly.

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