Friday, October 31, 2014

Baby Barnes (Numero Dos)

Well it is official!  We are having a baby in early May!  I finally got in to see my doctor on Halloween, and she confirmed that we are expecting.  We are so excited, and since we are 13 weeks along, I get to tell my friends soon!

Here is a photo of one of the ultrasounds.  I had to jazz it up a bit on my phone before I sent it to some friends.


I was so excited to see Dr. Burroughs again.  I haven't been a good girl, so I haven't been back to see her since my last post-partum check-up.


After my doctor's appointment, Bradley took me to Olive Garden to celebrate/eat lunch.  It was magnificent!  After lunch, we had to head back to El Campo fairly quickly to get ready for the Halloween booth at the game, so there wasn't much time for shopping.


I just don't know how I will contain myself for the next seven weeks until I can find out what our sweet baby is going to be.   Emmy just knows it will be a sister, and I feel very similar to the way that I did the last time, so only time (or an ultrasound) will tell for sure.

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