Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween and a Bit of Pixie Dust

This year for Halloween, Emmy decided that she wanted to be Tinkerbell.  With a little bit of digging on Ebay and our craft box, we came up with this costume.  We picked up the pixie wings at Dollar Tree for a buck and we were done. 

I was We were pretty pleased with the results.  Here are a few photos of our little Tinkerbell.


I love how sassy she looks here.  This is her normal persona.



I took an old pair of her flats and painted them green.  A couple of cotton balls hot glued on top and viola!  Tinkerbell shoes!

The had a Halloween party at school this year and because of doctor's appointment, I got to attend.  It was so sweet!



That night at the football game, groups of students set up stands so that kids could trick-or-treat at the game.  I was so proud of our students for giving up some of their night to provide a safe place for children to pick up some candy.





She came home with lots of candy (that she didn't get to eat), but more importantly, she had a magical time!

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