Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Emmy's Bow-tique

If fun and fashion are what you seek, you're always welcome at Emmy's Bowtique.

For her fourth birthday, Emmy chose to have a Minnie Mouse party.  Since we were about a month into having a new baby, I thought this was a fabulous idea.  I could go to Party City and buy decorations and we could have a low key affair.   I'm sure you can guess how that turned out. 

I really had the best intentions on not going overboard, but my mom kept egging me on and so we had to put a few extra "projects" in.  Without further ado, here is Emmy's Bowtique.  The kids seemed to have a great time, and I'm glad that Emmy got to choose something that she really does love right now.

I bought lots of hair bows at Sam Moon and we made these little center pieces.  I could have done more to them, but we were taking it "easy".  :)


My cousin had a Minnie party for her daughter too, so she sent me some of there left over decorations.  CHA-CHING.  I told her we can do this every year. These were the best kinds of leftovers.


Lincoln decided that there needed to be a little Mickey at the party too.



I tried to get pictures of as many of the kids as I could by the Minnie wall.


BUT some of them preferred to be outside on the bounce houses.  Can you imagine that?  Shout out to my dad and Brad for setting up not one but two bounce houses.  I was shocked when I went outside.



Rae of course made some of her beautiful creations after the catastrophe that I caused last year.  They were beautiful and delicious.



Fun was had by everyone!





When it was time to come in, you could tell that everyone was having a good time by the color in their cheeks and the sweat in their hair.  That's four-year-old speak for good times.

We served Pizza Hut pizza, and that really did save a ton of time. The only food that Mom and I made was a few dips and a fruit tray.  That took a lot of stress off of us day of, and it was really a lot cheaper.



We played a fun game called pass the Lincoln.  You can tell that he was enjoying every minute of it.


It was finally time for the birthday girl to have her moment.  I love the way the crepe paper background looks in the photos.  Best two hours I spent on this party.  (Yes, that took two hours).



She was so sweet and happy to have a cupcake.


Everyone else enjoyed them too.



I kept this party on track, and we started opening gifts.




She got so many pretty things, and there was Minnie Mouse stuff overflowing.  You can tell from that smile how she felt about all the Minnie stuff.


It was a great party, and it lasted just over two hours.  That's like a record for us folks.  This proved to me that you can have a good party where everyone has fun without doing "every" pinterest project that you pinned.  Maybe next year we will really do a simple party.

I wouldn't hold your breath.

Happy Fourth Birthday Emmy Baby!  We love you lots, and we hope that you had a bowtiful day at your party!

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