Monday, June 1, 2015

Lincoln- Month One

You survived in this crazy world for a month Lincoln!

Right now you wear newborn diapers and newborn clothes, but since your Mommy likes variety, I have started to put you in some 0-3 clothes.  They are big, but if we are just at home, it's fine.  At your one month check-up, you weighed 8 pounds and 11 ounces and were still about 20 inches long (so the nurse said).  This wouldn't be that alarming except you weighed almost a pound less (15 ounces) at your two week appointment that we did almost a week late.  Until that point, I was still a little worried about whether or not you were getting enough to eat, but when I saw where the scale landed that day, I knew you were going to be okay.

We have a pretty nice schedule set-up so far, and I am really trying to keep that up.  You eat every three hours right now, so at 7, 10, 1, 4 (repeat), you know where we will be.  Night time is the only time that we get a little off schedule because you just don't wake up.  I really try to be a good mom, and I want to wake up and feed you, but it's hard to wake myself up if you aren't awake to keep me company.  At your appointment, the doctor said it is okay for you to sleep for five hours at night now so Hallelujah!  We will all be just a little happier.  I am ever so confident that if I can keep this up now, you just might be my baby who goes to bed at a decent hour every night without an act of Congress.

You are such a great traveler so far.  You've made two trips to College Station, trips to Houston/Sugarland, and all the way to Palestine for Rebekah's graduation.  You just sleep the day away while we are in the car, and I think you woke up once because you were starting to get a little hungry.  No screams though, just little awake eyes acknowledging that some food would be a good idea.

I've taken you out into the general public a few times now.  You've gone out to lunch a few times with Papa.  You went to church once.  You went in Target for a quick dash and grab on the way home from an appointment.  You survived, so I might be willing to take you out more.

People can't believe how alert you are when you are awake.  You stare into people eyes with your big blues, and it really seems like you know just what is going on.  You also are a great tracker so you can follow our movements around the room.  You've given us a few really sweet "gas" smiles already, but I am waiting for one that is a response smile. Hopefully it will be in response to something your sweet Mommy does. ;)

By the way, did you know that you already think you are grown?  When we hold you, you refuse to just lay there like a baby.  You pick up your head and look around--and you can hold it up for a good while!  You also jerk and push away sometimes with alarming strength, so we have to keep a pretty tight grasp on you, our little wiggle worm.

Your sister loves you more than we could have hoped or imagined.  In her mind, you are her baby.  You are the first thing she asks about when she gets home from daycare, and the last person she wants to kiss each night before she goes to bed. 

You love: Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Beanie, Papa, Kari,  the swing, WATCHING TV (Nana already turns Disney Junior on for you when she changes your diaper because you "like it"), being held (you sleep so deeply if someone is snuggling you), BEING SWADDLED (I can't say enough how much you love being wrapped up tight), your pacifier,  car rides, the rock-n-sleep (you sleep by yourself a majority of the night!), and baby classical music (we found a few good ones on YouTube that you are particularly fond of).

You don't care for: Getting your diaper changed (sure to get a scream from you), dropping your pacifier, breaking your swaddle during the night (you will wake up), having to wait too long to eat once you are awake, loud sudden noises, and getting a bath (you screamed the whole time that first night).







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