Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Pumpkin Patch 2015

Emmy's favorite fall book is Duck and Goose find a Pumpkin.  It has been a household staple since she was a few months old.  Because of that book I take her to the pumpkin patch every year in El Campo, so she can find a pumpkin too...and take a bunch of photos.

When we got to the patch this year, we found our pals Jackson and Wyatt.  These four are going to be so close.


They were ready to leave, so we stayed on course and kept going alone.  We knew we only had a limited amount of time before we needed to leave for Dylan's party.



They sky was a little overcast, so it really was one of the nicer times we have had at the patch.  Juggling two little people was different, but we managed our expectations and our time.  Things that would have made me cry when Emmy was a baby (and I still believed in perfection) were laughed off that day.


It always nice when you have good help though.



Lincoln thought the pumpkins were orange balls of awesome that should be licked and tasted.


I've got a pretty good group don't I?



I got a few more smiles from him than I did from Emmy that first year.


Daddy took her over to the moon bounce and pumpkin painting area while I worked with Lincoln.  That's teamwork right there!



It was probably the most fun we have had at the pumpkin patch, and we made it in and out of there in just a little over an hour.  We need to do more things with that laid back carefree attitude!

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