Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Ray Wedding

It was with the happiest of hearts that we traveled to Stafford, TX to celebrate the wedding of one of my greatest friends.  I have known Cookie since I was a baby, and she has always treated me like family.  I spent the night at her house with the big girls, she was my chaperon on church trips, and she let me go places with the older kids when that was all I really wanted.

When I found out that she was getting married ( and she asked me to take her bridals) I was so excited.  If anyone deserves a happily ever after and a dream wedding, it is Iesha.

Because I decided to adhere to their wishes, I didn't take any photos during the ceremony.  Here are some snaps from during the reception though.  Every thing was beautiful and we had a great evening.


Because the wedding was held at a historical home, we left Emmy at home.  I didn't want to pay for any broken heirlooms.


We snapped a couple of pics of these two cuties outside by the vintage car.  This was the venue owner's grandmother's car.  So cool!


I sure do love this lady!


To make the night even more memorable, Iesha sang(!) to Keith.  Her rendition of  "At Last" will always hold a special place in my heart because she sang it at my wedding too.  There weren't many dry eyes in the place after the song was over.


And like all good things, the night passed by in a blur of excitement and fun.  Dances were danced, drinks were partaken in, and memories were made.

Congratulations Iesha and Keith Ray!  Thank you for allowing us to share in the merry!

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