Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lincoln- Month Seven

You wear six-nine month clothes.  You wear size two diapers, but when this box runs out, we are moving to threes.  You weigh 18.13 pounds.You are a little over 26 inches.

You are MOBILE!!  You are crawling everywhere and getting into everything!  Nothing that is within your grasp is safe.  You are super curious, and you will not be deterred.  When we are holding you, you immediately grab for hair like it is your safety preserver.  You don't let go once you have  it within your grasp either.  I am constantly pulling strands of my hair out of your fingers.

If for some reason we don't immediately do what you want to do, you have a new trick that you pull out.  YOU SHRIEK LIKE A BANSHEE.  I'm not talking about a regular cry or a yell.  This is full out what are they doing to that baby; is he dying?  I thought that maybe you saved all of that awesomeness for us at home, but your daycare teachers have confirmed that you do it there.  In fact, your cries once drew the daycare director down to the nursery to investigate.  You are smart though.  You know we are no match for that cry; once you start, we all do whatever you want.

You are eating so many new things these days, which is building other skills as well.  You are honing the "crab pinch" to pick up small items with your fingers and thumb.  You tried the Gerber puffs (that your sister adored) and you gagged as soon as we put them in your mouth.  You hated them.  We have found a new use for them though.  If you are fussy when I am cooking dinner, I like to put you in your high chair and give you puffs.  You practice picking them up and throwing them on the floor.  I know that it is wrong to waste food, but sometimes moms just have to do what they need to do to get dinner on the table.  I know that your aversion to puffs is only temporary, and I'm sure you will like them soon.

While we are on the subject of trying new things, let's talk about grandparents.  You got to try two new things over the Thanksgiving holidays thanks to your grandparents.  Pappy Barnes gave you whipped cream (Mommy and Daddy did not react well) and GiGi fed you a container of baby food that wasn't labeled out of my bag.  It turned out that it was a container of apples that I brought for you to try.  You loved them of course, but you thought they were a little tart from the description of your reaction that GiGi shared.  I'm sure this is only the beginning of the things you will try without our permission.  You are reaching for people's plates now and sampling when they aren't looking if you can get your little fingers on stuff. 

You are sitting up like a champ now.  if we help you get up, you can sit there forever playing with toys or watching us.  You can't quite get to a sitting position by yourself, but I know by next month that skill will be under your belt--no problem.

You traveled to: a Ricebird football game, Atascocita for photos, Cedar Park to visit family, to Pearland for Ollie's party, Milam to visit GiGi, and to Tyler to see Uncle Bill.

You like: doing what you want to do, crawling around, looking at and exploring new things (we need to make sure all of our baby proofing is still in tact), playing with the piano bouncer,your Sophie giraffe, the steering wheel toy, being swaddled, your pacifier, snuggling (more so in the evening), and giving big kisses ( you still try to eat/suck on our faces).

You dislike:Sitting in your car seat if we arent in the car, the word no, mommy walking out of the room at home, not being allowed to crawl wherever, bumping your head, sitting up, puffs, and loud noises.

You Eat: Green beans, peas, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, apples, puffs, water, and milk.

Here are your photos from this month. You are just adorable if I do say so myself.





By the week, here are some photos of you from this month!





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