Saturday, December 19, 2015

Henry's 5th Birthday Party

In the heart of December, we traveled to College Station for Henry's 5th birthday part at the College Station Museum of Science.  They had an adorable party room set up and ready for fun.  The kids entertained themselves by playing with plush snakes and frogs while they waited to eat snacks.


Next, they traveled to a room where museum employees brought out real animals for them to touch and learn about.  They were a rapt audience!


Henry was so brave and said that yes he would pet the snake.  When they got to Emmy, she gave them a you-are-freaking-crazy look and said, "No thanks."


Lincoln entertained himself by crawling around on the floor looking for pieces of lint to put in his mouth. Oh the joys of having tiny humans.  It was super exciting to get to see Avery!!


The next station was in another room where the children got to decorate foam snakes.  Emmy showed off her mad penmanship skills and wrote her name on her snake.  Thanks Methodist for making me look like a rock star at the party!


We went back to the party room and had cake.  It was adorable, and Henry seemed to think it tasted pretty good too!


After they finished cake, the kids went on a scavenger hunt in the museum, and I stayed in the main room to hang out and talk to Lauren.  Can you believe that no so long ago, we were high school kids trying to decide if we wanted Taco Bell or McDonald's for lunch?  Now we both have two babies and we are throwing birthday parties and doing our best to adult.  Time is crazy!



We had a great time at the party, and we sure are going to miss these guys while they venture off to Oklahoma for a new adventure.  I'm betting they will come back to visit though!

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