Monday, September 7, 2009

Matagorda Beach Trip!

On Labor Day Brad and I went down to Matagorda Bay with some family and friends. I hadn't been to Matagorda Beach since I was in elementary school so I was really surprised by how pretty and clean the beach was. We set up a canopy tent and chairs, and everyone played in the water and looked for sea shells. We all brought stuff for a picnic lunch, and I don't know how but sandwiches always seem to taste better outside. After lunch while Brad took a nap (big surprise), I made sand castles and buried people in the sand with the little kids. It was an awesome day! We could not have asked for better weather or a nicer place for our picnic and fun. We will definitely have to plan more trips down to Matagorda in the future. It would even be a nice place to take pictures!

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