Friday, September 4, 2009

New Pics of our little Sasha Bear!

I didn't realize until I was looking back at old posts that I haven't put any pictures of Sasha up since we first got her. Oh My Goodness has she changed. No longer is she the two pound little ball of fluff that she once was. Now she is tall and lanky...still very fluffy, but much taller...I think she weighs almost ten pounds now!! (this can mostly be blamed on my mom for giving her treats and people food all the time) She is still small enough to carry around and sit on your lap, but I don't think I will be sticking her in my purse and taking her to Wal-Mart any time soon. Anyway, enjoy the pictures!
Laying in one of my suitcases as I tried to pack to go somewhere...such a big help!

Sasha and I at the eighties party.....

Christopher giving Sasha kisses....usually we have to watch her around babies...but in this case he was definitely the aggressor!

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