Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Bun in the Oven

In early September, Bradley and I had "the talk." Bradley has been wanting a baby since we said I Do, but I was hesitant because I know that a lot of the responsibility of taking care of a baby will fall to me. I know this seems like an Old World mentality, but in my REALITY, I know this is a very real possibility. I also thought that Bradley and I needed time for just us before we brought someone else into our lives. So we spent two years having fun together. We went on cruises, road trips, and did lots of silly things (Like buying Red Bull at 11:00 p.m. and staying up all night playing Super Nintendo Games)( <----I don't think that will happen very often once a baby is in our lives). We slept late and did whatever WE wanted with our free time, and it was awesome. Then we started seeing babies everywhere, and I slowly contracted the fever, and I am not talking about Bieber Fever. Baby Fever.

Being the planner that I am I started thinking out when the best time of the year logistically for us would be to have a baby. Since I work for the school, it seemed like a summer baby would be the best for us this first time since I do not have a ton of vacation days saved up. So we decided to put it in God's hands. If it worked out then we would have a June baby. If it didn't, we could try again next year. From the information shared in the last post, I guess you can tell that it worked out. That's where the new blog title comes in A + B = 3. Our family of two is growing to three. We took a test in mid October and got positive results, but we did not tell anyone until later. I will share all those details in a later post! At that point, the only thing that I was worried about is that it might be TWINS! :)

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