Sunday, June 10, 2012

Emmarie's 1st Birthday Party {Cake Smash}

The cake smash was one of my favortie parts of first birthday parties.  Emmy's cakes were especially beautiful (in my unbiased opinon of course).  Raeassia worked so hard on Emmarie's cakes.  She made a three tier cake and two smash cakes: one for the party and one for professional pictures.   Each cake was made up of seven different colored layers of cake, one for each part of the rainbow.  I gave her an idea of what I wanted, but she took the meager ideas I provided and ran with them.  Everything was so much more beautiful than I could have expected.  You will notice below that she even tried to match the smash cake to the invitation.

Here is Emmy standing by her cake.  It is almost as tall as she is.

She looks so confused about why she is being allowed to stand on the table.

I am so amazed that this year passed by so quickly when I look at my sweet little "big" girl.  She was enthralled with the candle.

At first she wasn't quite sure what to do with the cake.  The outer layers of icing were a little thick, and she had only had cake once before on her actual birthday.

But it did not take her long to figure out what was "going on" on her plate.

She was quite happy to make a wonderful mess.  And for once, I was happy to let her do it.

She was in such a good mood from her sugar high that she was even willing to share her cake with Nana.

If I had to caption this picture, I would say "Nana, watch this!"

It is amazing how happy a little bit of refined sugar can make a one-year-old.

That's probably the biggest she smiled the whole day.

Her aunts sure do love her a lot!

We decided to take a mini group pic of the people that take care of her on a daily basis.  I don't know what I would have done without each of them this past year.

A slightly blurry picture where you can see all of the layers inside the cake.

Nana was eager to start passing out the cake.

This is the remnants of the smash cake.  She ripped the top red layer off in all of her Godzilla-like destruction.

Everyone (especially Dana and Halle) seemed to enjoy  the cake.

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