Sunday, June 10, 2012

Emmarie's 1st Birthday Party {Fun Stuff}

After we had done all of the traditional birthday party stuff: food, cake, presents... We went outside to play on the WATER SLIDE!  My dad is a go big or go home kind of guy, so when we started looking at waterslide rentals for Emmy's party and Kari's graduation, he decided instead to buy one.   So the beauty that you will see below is available to be rented if you are  in the south Texas area. :)

One  more picture of the birthday girl because how can it be a birthday post without her.


We got a family picture of the three of us on this milestone day.  We all look happy, and I think that describes how we really felt that day.

Here is a picture of Emmy and Daddy.

Lauren and I have been friends since middle school, and now our babies will be able to grow up hanging out as well.

Emmy was super excited about the water table that Brian and his family got her.  She wanted to open the box and set it up right then!

Melinda is another one of my life long friends.  She made the trip down from Austin to be with Emmy for her birthday.

She got a couple of super cute outfits from Ollie, April, and Mike.

Then it was time to get outside to the slide.  I took a million a lot of pictures, but I will try not to bombard you.  Emmy was fearless, and she even went down the slide a couple of times on her own without Daddy.

Mal thought the slide was super fun!

Layla couldn't wait to climb up and go again!

Some of the "older" people thought it was fun just to watch. :)

Steve and Dana won the prize for best splash!

Emmy hugged all over Papa and Granny.

She modeled the new backpack that Grandma Susan made for her!

She showed off the activity walker that Henry brought her.

And she unwrapped the sweet puppy that Raeassia, Trey, and Darryl gave her!

All in all her birthday was a day full of fun, love, and happiness.  We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in Emmy's life that wanted to celebrate with her.  I hope that in the coming years, they will all continue to have such a positive impact on her life. 

After the party was over, I started thinking about what her theme for next year's party should be.  Bradley just shook his head and sighed.

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