Saturday, July 7, 2012

13 Months


We took Emmy to the doctor for her 1 year wellness check-up and to get her next set of shots.  In the past, this has been not my most favorite thing but completely doable.  I also usually had either Brittany or Bradley with me for moral support.  This time, it was just me, and It Went Down.  We had to wait for a while to get in even though we had an appointment.  Emmy wanted to look at all of the people in the waiting room, but I made her stay with me. Finally, it was time to go back to the room.  She got weighed and measured.  She was ____ pounds and ____inches.  For her weight she is in the 35 percentile and she is in the 10th percentile for height.  This was mildly annoying for Emmarie, but nothing that she couldn't handle.  When our doctor came in for the visit, he was accompanied by someone shadowing him.  He answered all of my questions and dispensed some advise.  After he left, the nurse came back in to give Emmarie the shots.  She had been sitting contentedly after the doctor left staring at herself in the mirror behind the patient bed. When it was time for her to lay down, she looked at me with these eyes that said, "I think I have done this before, but I am just not sure."  She was scheduled to get four shots and one oral admission.  Two shots in and the screaming started.  It did not subside.  She kept looking at me and screaming more as if to say, "HOW DID YOU LET THIS HAPPEN TO ME?"  I felt bad, but I just promised her that we were going to get ice cream or a snocone so just let Mommy get her out of there.  Then the nurse came back to inform me that we needed to go down to the lab next so they could draw some blood.  Freaking Awesome.

We sat down in the lab area, and a young lady came over to draw Emmy's blood.  She smiled at Emmarie and tried to hold her hand.  Emmy immediately pulled it away.  She was in no mood to make any new "friends."  It took both of us to hold her hand still. The lady had to prick her finger three times before she could get a place good enough to get the blood out.  At this point, my sweet baby more resembles a caged tiger that is being poked by a cattle prod.  Every time she gets a good drop of blood to put into the tube, the baby would somehow manage to yank her arm out of grasp and smear the blood on herself or the poor nurse.  By the end, both of us were out of breath and Emmarie was screaming so loud that people were coming out of their offices to make sure that someone hadn't been mortally wounded.  The nurse said shakily that she had never had ANYONE put up a fight like that.  It didn't help that their were blood stains smeared across her scrubs and all over her gloves.  I said a quick sorry and got us out of the doctor's office pronto before they could think of something else that we needed to do.

We have been thoroughly enjoying our summer vacation.  We stay up late doing projects and watching movies, and we sleep late.  We go swimming and I take her to the park to swing every once in a while. We don't do that as much as I would like to because it is really just too hot outside.
Emmy has been staying up with me (although I do make her go to bed by midnight).  She stays up that late and then she doesn't get up until 11:30 or 12:30 the next day.  SWEET.  Since I am a night owl and love nothing more than staying up until 2 or 3 in the morning, this has been the PERFECT schedule for us.

Nana and Papa bought her a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe for her birthday.  It was a pain joy to put together (ask Lacey), but it was definitely worth the effort once we got it put together though.  Emmy LOVES it.  She got in and practiced opening and closing the door for a while.  Then she let us push her around the room while she turned the steering wheel back and forth and honked the horn.  I can only imagine the kind of driver she will be someday.  Watch out in 15 years world!

Vocabulary update:  She says Ma, DaDa, Uh Oh, Bye Bye, Nana, B, and other sounds. She hasn't been progressing quite as much in phonics as I would like her to, but a lot of it is pure stubbornness.  She doesn't want to do anything that I want her to do!

She likes: Ice Cream, SnoCones, WALKING!, her Little Tikes Car, her baby doll, her baby doll stroller walking toy, THE WATER SLIDE PAPA BOUGHT, opening presents, clothes, swimming, being outside (if it's not too hot), climbing, trying to run away or escape her Mommy, singing songs, reading books, playing with the markers at Nana's house (with the cap on of course), smiling, sitting on the floor and playing with toys, to swing, snuggling (if it is her idea), music, being the center of attention, banging on pots and pans, playing peek a boo, and dancing around the house.

She dislikes: SHOTS, having blood drawn, being told no, waking up by herself, being put in her baby bed (still cries for 5-10 minutes when she has to go to sleep), the dark, being forced to eat her vegetables if she wants fruit or Mum Mums,  not having your complete attention (please do not try to check your phone if she is around), and being ignored/not picked up when she is ready for you to pick her up.

She eats: Eggs (can eat two whole eggs at a time!), biscuits, Whole Milk, baby milk, vanilla ICE CREAM, turkey chunks, cheese cubes, small crackers, Mashed Potatoes, refried beans, Carrots, Peas, Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Vegetable Chicken Dinner, Turkey and Mixed Vegetables, Turkey, Chicken, Beef, Applesauce, Bananas, Mixed fruit, Chicken and Apples, Puffs, Mum-Mums, Apple Wagon Wheels, and baby Milk.  At this point, the doctor said she can have anything that we want to give her except honey and nuts.  We are still giving  a firm no to sodas, candy, and most refined sugars.  We think that she should wait to experience those "treasures."






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