Friday, September 6, 2013

27 Months



Emmy Loves: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mickey, Minnie, her red tricycle, grapes, her pink flip-flops, the new baby puppies at Nana's house, Doc McStuffins, Henry Hugglemonster, snowcones, pizza, and the band at football games.

Big New Things/Highlights of the Month:

Sea World was a Success-  We had a great time at Sea World in San Antonio, and for the most part, we walked away unscathed.  We did learn a few lessons that I will be filing away in my mental file cabinet for future excursions.
  1. Take plenty (more than you think you will need) of snacks and drinks into the park.  
  2. Fill the spray fan bottle with water before entering the park.
  3. Let the toddler lead the group to what they want to do next.  You can guide them in the right direction, but things run more smoothly.
  4. Take frequent breaks to put on sunblock.
  5. Give in and get them a couple of treats.  That might be the thing they remember most about the trip.
  6. Know before getting to the park what you want to see and prioritize that first.  If you don't get to everything, at least you got to see what you most wanted to.

Final planning for Disney World is in the works- We just finished a huge round of arguing, fighting, discussing at my house.  We have decided not we are not going to stay at a Disney resort this time.  Because my dad has decided that he wants to go as well, it is no longer cost effective for us all to stay on site.  We are going to stay a really nice resort in the Downtown Disney area that will cut the cost of our trip almost in half.  When Emmy is a little bit older and can appreciate the ambiance a little bit more, we will go back and stay at Disney.  We have also started talking to Emmy about going to visit Mickey Mouse at his house.  She is starting to get it finally.  Maybe.

She is back at school- Emmy is back at school now, and she has taken the transition in stride.  She loves her new teachers and class, but there are two things that she is enjoying the most.  1. They get to watch movies when they get there in the morning.  2. Her BFF, Abby, is in her class.  

She loves the puppies-  The little puppies are up and running.  They chase Emmarie around the house and nip at her heels.  She loves to tattle on them.  I don't know whether she enjoys the attention or the subsequent scolding that I give the puppies more.  All that I know for sure is that things do not bode well for Emmy's future siblings.



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