Sunday, February 2, 2014

Love You Most

So since we've been back from Disney, Emmarie's favorite movie is Tangled.  We DVR'ed it spur of the moment one day, and she has literally watched it 35 times (at least) since.

Our favorite part of the movie is the song "Mother Knows Best."  She has me sing it to her in the car, when we walk, and at night before she goes to sleep.  It's kind of sad since it's a song about a mom scaring her child into staying with her because the world is too scary to be part of.  I jokingly told my kids at school that I was teaching it to Emmy now so that one day when she's 16 and we are arguing, I can play it and she'll just stop and think, "Oh yeah, Mom knows best!" (Wow! That was a run-on.)  I'll let you know if my Pavlovian experiment works...Psych 101 wasn't my best class.

But I digress.  Our second favorite part of Tangled is how they tell each other that they love each other.  So it goes like this.

Me: I love you Emmy.
Emmy: I love you more.
Me: I love you most.
Emmy: I love you most too.  I love you more.

Makes me smile every time.  I tried to get her to say it on film.  It's not the best video quality and she get's a little off topic, but you'll get the picture.

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