Friday, May 2, 2014

WCYF & Carnival

For whatever reason, we have never been able to make it out to the fair with Emmy.  I think it rained the first year, and we went to Austin last year since I had the day off.  This year, still reeling from the high that was Disney World, I decided that taking her was a must. 

Since we already had plans for the weekend and Friday (Austin again), I decided that Wednesday evening was our only option.  I happened to mention to Bradley on my way out there that I was taking her to the carnival and much to my surprise, he said that he wanted to join us.  My mom had already expressed interest in attending because the WYCF is a tradition she holds close to her heart.  So me and my merry band of followers family made our way out to the fair.

As soon as she saw the Carousel, she was sold on the place.


Since Daddy hadn't arrived yet, I was on ride duty.  We lucked out and our ride bands were buy one get one free. That was good since there is no  way that I would have paid that much money for each of us to have a ride band.


When Daddy arrived, she had eyes for only him.


So luckily, I didn't have to ride this death trap.  He enjoyed it and encouraged her to spin the balloon as quickly as she could.


This car looks pretty familiar...copyright infringement much??



Mom did not want to ride anything, so she was happy to take some photos of us having all of this family fun.




When Brad and I decided to ride a "big kid ride" she was not impressed by the train.


She bounces back quickly though.


When she screamed said that she wanted to ride the fun slide, my heart dropped.  I am not a huge fan of carnival rides, and this giant slide that they assemble twice a week does not rate high on my list of things to send my toddler down.  Bradley volunteered to take her down the slide, and he was halfway up the slide before I had a chance to voice any resistance.


They found a few familiar faces to slide with.


This hot young thing stayed on solid ground with me.  ;)



Emmy loved the fun house, and it was the only ride that was blaring Christian music.  I approved.



We met up with a few friends at our second ride on the carousel.



Bradley wanted to take her to the petting zoo.  To say that Emmy was not impressed would be an understatement.


With a little help from Mommy to keep the bigger animals away, she warmed up a little.



"Emmy had a little Lamb..."  JK


Her first fair tractor photo--at my mom's request.



Because she was such a trooper, Nana bought her cotton candy.


She sure does love refined sugar.


...and the lady that buys it!


I left the fair to go to church to buy our SeaWorld tickets, but Mom and Brad continued the fun.  She liked the Cars ride a lot more the second time.


I think we may have a little daredevil on her hands.  I wonder where she could have gotten that from... ;)


We had a great time, and we will definitely have to make this an annual tradition.  Events like this remind me how thankful I should be every day for the great community that we live in.  Just another day in Smalltown, Texas!

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